Back on March 1st I recorded my podcast on the Lord’s lost calendar, simply because the order of the stars and nature is a very serious and essential matter. Without the calendar, the world’s events seem like chaos. Without it, we think the Lord is distant, when in reality, he is all around us, talking to us every day.

Not only that, but he uses the calendar to tell us the future. Pay attention to his intercalary days and the labor pains surrounding the birth of each New Month, and you’ll see what I mean. But what am I saying? I’ve recorded an episode on that too!

When I recorded these episodes, I had a whole variety of calendar formats I’d created based on my time as an educator, but none of them were on this website. At the time they were all on Twitter. And so I wrote a thread full of slides to help everyone understand how the calendar that rules the world works. And here it is now:

Thankfully the Father gave me some time to put up a permanent page that not only explains the calendar’s history, but offers my formats to everyone in one place. You no longer need to search my Twitter feed to grab a copy of the ‘key to everything.’

So, next time you need a copy of the calendar, just visit this website, click on the menu and select “Lord’s Calendar.” Or! You can click on this graphic I made here:

I’ll have some pdf’s available soon too. Stay tuned! Love!
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