This is the story of the Katherine Movie universe, book to big screen!

When I wrote my first fantasy fiction novel a few years ago, I had no idea what it would become in just three short years. Yet here we are! Multiple movies across multiple platforms! Of course, I’m still writing stories about The Order every day on Twitter. But here’s how it all began.

The world of The Order was born on April 7, 2019. I suddenly felt like writing, and so I did. Six months later and Book of Katherine and the Chinese Maze was born. Originally titled, A Prophet’s Journal: My Unexpected Life, I opened up a second Twitter account and began keeping a day to day log of that world’s life.

The Chinese Maze follows a gang of celebrities, talking animal warriors and a very sick, but very effective leader of an ancient band of warriors known throughout the secret kingdoms as The Order. A few others knew it by a different name: the army of God. And this army of God is on a very difficult and very high-stakes mission that takes them deep, deep into an underground maze beneath the Tibetan mountains of China.

Today, as I write this post, Chinese Maze is in production as the sixth Katherine Movie installment. But I suggest you read the book for yourself first. It’s available here and there are also a few chapters available for free here. That’ll get you started!

Anyhow, the global pandemic hit less than a year after I wrote the book. My medical care diminished and my hands had trouble with the keyboard once more. But my mind kept brimming with ideas.

Frustrated with my inability to write, and sad that I wasn’t able to meet readers’ expectations after introducing them to this entirely new world, I finally came up with the new Twitter account idea. And I’m so glad I did.

There I wrote thread after thread about The Order’s adventures, both new and old. Uncle Stephan and Kyle Redd get a rather fun outing at Maverick’s Saloon in Solvang, California, for example. You can enjoy reading all about it in the megathread today! Here’s the link. I myself enjoy searching the stories to remember what I’ve written about certain characters and specific events.

And, as many have discovered, the pandemic helped introduce the Prophet’s Journal world to a whole new audience… including a few amazing producers in Hollywood. And the rest is history!


Chapter One:
Book of Katherine and the Enchanted Necklace

Chapter Two:
Book of Katherine and the Summer of Love

Chapter Three:
Book of Katherine and the Three Islands

Chapter Four:
Book of Katherine and the Magic Bloodline

Chapter Five:
Book of Katherine and the Mormon Star

Chapter Six:
Book of Katherine and the Chinese Maze

Chapter Seven:
Book of Katherine and the Merchant City


Current Prophet’s Journal adventures and updates on Twitter: ProphetsJournal
Official book website.
Official movie website.
Official movie Twitter account: KatherineMovie

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