Reading List

Book of Katherine’s recommended reading list contains books with nearly impossible-to-find truths that shape our world today. May they help you find freedom, hope and success in your life! (Recommended sites for purchase below!)

The Devil’s Chemists
, JE Dubois (Parts 1 & 2 .pdf)*
The Tainted Source, John Laughland
Smear, Sharyl Attkisson
Give Me a Break, John Stossel
The Naked Capitalist,  W. Cleon Skousken
Tragedy & Hope, Caroll Quigley
Killing the SS, Bill O’Reilly
Game of Thorns, Doug Wead
The Intimidation Game, Kimberly Strassel
Adios America, Ann Coulter
The Big Lie, Dinesh D’Souza
The Gulag Archipelago, Solzhenitsyn
Treason’s Peace, Howard Watson Ambruster (Parts 1 & 2)*
Propaganda, Edward Bernays (see video)
Ship of Fools, Tucker Carlson

In Sheep’s Clothing, Dr. George K. Simon
Drama of the Gifted Child, Alice Miller
Feeling Good: The New Mood Therapy (before ’92 copy!), Dr. David Burns
or Ten Days to Self Esteem (before ’92), Dr. David Burns
Gift of Fear, Gavin deBecker
Boundaries, Dr. Cloud & Townsend (faith based – read as myth)
Safe People, Dr. Cloud & Townsend (faith based – read as myth)

Do What You Are, Tieger
Nice Girls Don’t Get the Corner Office 101, (2010 Edition) Lois P. Frankel
12 Rules for Life, Jordan Peterson

What Not to Wear (2003), Woodall & Constanstine
The Lingerie Handbook (2006), Rebecca Apsan

When I Stop Talking, You’ll Know I’m Dead, Jerry Weintraub
Conviction, Juan Martinez

Quran (compare translations by different governments)
OT III, Scientology (before paying hundreds of thousands of dollars, read OT III copies online)
Grace Awakening, Charles R. Swindoll
New Testament, King James Version (NIV was born in ’56, after the Nuremberg IG Faraben Cartel Leaders were released. Constitution Founders, Lincoln and MLK Jr. were  all raised on KJV. Compare verses. One leans towards narcissism. Also: Bible references by media always refer to Old Testament for Christianity, when Old Testament is called “Old” for a reason. )

Recommended Sellers:

As Amazon, Audible and Google use their immense wealth to fight Free Speech and promote socialism and poverty Globally, as well as communism, I recommend purchasing from author’s websites first, then local bookstores, then Walmart sells Made in the USA (supporting human rights), has local stores, paying state, local and federal taxes and pays their checkout clerks alone a $25 overtime salary, which happens quite frequently, as many positions remain open.

*Due to the highly censored nature of certain books, I am including the links to .pdf’s that are available.