The secrets of the righteous shall be revealed… and from that time, those that possess the earth shall no longer be powerful and exalted.

Enoch 38:3

When you possess the real calendar, you hold the key to all the works of heaven and earth. With it, we finally see the timing of the winds. We see that the roaring volcano is right on time. The many, many signs from our past suddenly stand out. We see that we are tenderly loved. And, most incredibly, we can see the future.

But above all this is our new ability to see the world through the Lord’s eyes. And that’s a whole new adventure on its own.


7000 years ago the prophet Enoch walked with the Lord so closely that He disclosed the secrets of the stars to him, even though the Lord had never even given the calendar to His angels. This calendar was copied and passed across the globe, then preserved on the ark during the Flood Judgement 6000 years ago, and eventually it was placed in a new ark: the Ark of the Covenant.

Armed with this incredible key, the Kings of Israel became pillars of the trading world. Royalty from all over the world traveled to King Solomon to seek his wisdom, and with this calendar he had great wisdom and sight indeed.

But 11 of the 12 tribes of Jacob rejected King Solomon’s son and broke away, making their own festivals and feasts on the opposite sides of the Lord’s calendar. If the Lord had a great feast in April, the Northern Kingdom of Israel celebrated a great feast in November.

And then Jerusalem followed. They fell in love with fallen angels and built pagan statues in the Lord’s Temple. So the Lord sent His angels to break open the Temple as the Chaldeans/ Babylonians approached to destroy Jerusalem for the Lord and take its people into captivity for 70 years.

The angels buried the calendar and everything else precious from the Holy of Holies, deep within Solomon’s Temple, and sealed it in the hills next to the Dead Sea, only to be opened when the last days arrived (Baruch 6-8).

And that prophecy was fulfilled when the Dead Sea Scrolls were discovered in 12 caves, just east of Jerusalem in Qumran. In 2017 the final scroll was translated. It was this calendar.


The Lord’s calendar is 365 days long. All 12 months have exactly 30 days each. No more. No less. Not even on leap years. They are numbered instead of named. For example, the first three months of the Lord’s calendar are the First Month, Second Month and Third Month, etc.

The remaining five days are what meteorologists, astronomists and even astrologists have been missing. But the ancients had these days in their calendar. We see it in their monuments. Until 1776, the world looked to the Sun for its calendar.

And that is where we look now.


March 19: Day of Spring
March 20: Day of the New Year (Spring Equinox)

March 21: First Month is born. (This is the first calendar day of the year.)
April 20: Second Month begins.
May 20: Third Month begins.


June 19: Day of Summer

June 20: Fourth Month
July 20: Fifth Month
August 19: Sixth Month


September 18: Day of Fall

September 19: Seventh Month
October 19: Eighth Month
November 18: Ninth Month


December 18: Day of Winter

December 19: Tenth Month
January 18: Eleventh Month
February 17: Twelfth Month

Note: The calendar reboots when the Sun rises, bringing life to the harsh landscape of Winter. The day begins when the Sun rises as well. And the intercalary days are not numbered. They are outside of the 12-month solar calendar. They are for rest, reflection and celebration.


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