Claire Danes: “Jesus Will Just Have to Redo Everything” | Prophet’s Journal

Wednesday Night
February 26, 2021
9:33 pm

Dear Journal,

Claire Danes told me she was working on a Zappy-Zappy Thing 2.0. You remember the Zappy-Zappy Thing, right? It’s how we took out the artifact monster in China. Or maybe it was Tibet? We started the mission in Tibet, at a giant ancient monastery, found their underground tunnel system and made our way through the craziest set of traps and tricks in an underground tunnel that I still haven’t seen the likes of, two years later.

Maybe, after we reached the end of the maze, we were under China. I don’t know. The Father whisked our people straight to headquarters when Claire’s chicken-bomb went off. (If you read the book, you’ll remember that the magic of this underground maze made electricity impossible. Finding a fuse to power Claire’s Zappy-Zappy Thing was a chore. She landed on chickens. Quite ingenious, if you ask me.)

Anyway, I just learned that Claire has been working on a Zappy-Zappy Thing 2.0. (I didn’t name the weapon. Claire did. So don’t blame me.) 

And if you read the book, you know how terrifying a second generation of that Zappy thing is. The first one? Her tests on a single atom opened up 11 black holes. Merlin had to come save the universe. Literally.

Kyle said it’s the first time he’s seen Claire sweat. I bet.

As you can imagine, the artifact monster was way bigger than one atom. Launching Claire’s new weapon was one of the hardest things I have ever done. There was a possibility we would not survive. Any of us.


Snippet from the Prophet’s Journal universe that inspired the Book of Katherine movies, starring Amy Adams, Chris Pratt and Alexander Skarsgård. This entry came two years after Book of Katherine and the Chinese Maze, now a movie available in wide release!

Written by Book of Katherine