Winter ended and a new year was born at dawn on the Day of Spring on Lord’s lost calendar (March 19). It’s been a wonder, watching heaven and earth change as the new year has unfolded, for they never forgot the laws of the calendar.

The Sun bursts forth:
RAWR!!! and tumble.
The day never ends;
We toss and bumble.

I scatter here,
And I scatter there,
Wondering what,
Will be,

Our next disaster.

Oh, I can see it now.
The flames grow ever higher.
Oh, how I see the flow,
Across heaven’s borders.

Do you see them?
At night?
They are so bright:
Ribbons of angelic fabric.

And they dash.

And they glide.

And they say:

“Run and hide!”

I hear the angels.
I hear them call.
Their skirts are dangling,
As they tip their heads at us.

And the gates open.
And the gates slide.
One man gets in.
Another man denies.

But the harps still play on.
The grace rivers fill the night.
Pearl pools of majesty more bright,
Than any Sun let us in to the Light.

They say that I am chosen.
They say that I am foreign.
They say that I am not like the other guy.
Is that alright? I don’t know…

But time is frozen.

If I’ve learned anything,
this last year,
it’s that I cannot stop,
what’s coming or what’s going.

If I’ve learned anything,
this new year,
it’s that the flame,
before us is growing.

And growing.

And growing.

And the bird song returned.
But it’s slowing.
They are sad.
They are in mourning.

Even the cock cannot crow,
Our Last Judgement,
Out of the morning,


By Book of Katherine | March 21, 2023 | The first day of the First Month.

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