In my mind I see the light.
It comes from the center and
then passes through the right.
All my kings and all my men,
can’t save the kingdom – the kingdom of men.

I try to call out…
Their children reply…
I cry at night…
And the stars only sigh.

But out of my sight,
I see Him burn bright.
My King and my pride.
How He delights.

He holds me in secret.
He holds me inside.
He keeps me going,
long into the night.

My men are strong and
they are bold.
But I know it’s because
you brought them in
from this cold.

How bright!
How light!
Won’t you come?
Save me tonight?

For I may appear
to have it all in line.
My women fling wide,
and they sting with might.

But I?
Still cry!
Need Your Might!

And so I reach
towards you as the dark
reaches towards me.
Hold me strong.
Don’t let me fade weak.

It is the end.
Of this world,
I know.

It is the end,
of all sorrow.

And yet…
I cry….

For the ones,
who won’t hear our sighs.


By Book of Katherine | March 4, 2023 | Sixteenth day of the Twelfth Month

<–Poem 4 | “New Year Bright”
Poem 2–> | “O Little Town”

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