My second poem is a rewrite of a classic song that’s more in line with the ancient records of that night.

O’ little town of Bethlehem,
how shocked you were that night,
to see the light and angel flight,
all o’er heaven that night.

Not one corner did shineth,
ever more so bright.
The hopes and fears of all did wake,
and gather in the night.

I see now in my mind, yes,
the guards who woke with fright!
And all the babes with restless sleep,
did not cry that night.

Oh how the priests did run forth,
celebrating in cheer.
But Mary stayed alone that night,
no one to hold her near.

O town of Bethlehem,
did no one seek her out?
Did no one cheer her but three strangers,
who appeared that next day ‘er.

Melkor clapped.
The shepherds laughed.
And Mary cried out loud.

I don’t know why,
we kept this,
from the night so long.

This Christmas may I keep in mind,
all it took to be


By Book of Katherine | December 24, 2022 | Sixth day of the Tenth Month

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