Oct 7th: Scammers Fake Kidnapping Your Kid… and their Phone

IRS phone scams are so last year. Fake-kidnapping your daughter is in. This easy-to-bust phone scam, called Virtual Kidnapping, has a thread on my feed from Oct 7th. That is, it’s easy-to-bust if you know it’s coming.

And Americans definitely don’t know it’s coming.

dr phil thread scammers
The start of my thread on Virtual Kidnapping.

Using simple SIM swap technology, parents see their kids’ face, think they hear their kids’ voice, and don’t realize they can simply text their kid, from their phone, while the call is going, to see if it’s all a hoax.

signs fake hack

Also, they seem to insist on Visa, just as they do in the IRS calls, and not things like American Express.

Of course, my thread goes into the most detail.

If this has happened to you, report it to your local FBI field office.


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