Universities Power Global Pollution (UNL Corn Crop Thread)

Some German companies are wonderful. Some are deadly. The largest ones, Bayer, BASF, Siemens and Krupp Steel, have all been involved in massive world wars… twice. Today, the countries they envelope, like Venezuela, China and India, are all wrought with pollution and rampant human rights violations.

Unfortunately, Germany has a lock on the global market because they have a lock on our universities, and their students.

Even in Nebraska. Especially in Nebraska.


On the morning of Friday, September 20th, citizens across the world awoke to alerts across their screens that students were gathering in one accord to protest “Climate Change” through “Climate Strikes.” Though many of these gatherings have now been confirmed as part of the CrowdsonDemand.com lobbying firm, run by a long-time Democrat lobbyist that’s now under fire for swaying votes in numerous countries across Europe, still – many of those hired are still students who believe in the cause.

What neither the public nor the university students know is that the entire topic of Climate Change stretches much further than emissions. It spans to 17 areas of life, from traffic signs, to word choice. And, not surprisingly, it’s based in Germany.

In reality, these Climate Strikes are planned at “high-level” segments by royals, their lawyers, religious leaders and ambassadors who were not elected by a democratic vote, all across the world. The result, every time, though, is a regulation that benefits the bottom line of these “investors.”

Climate Change is like a private investment firm, and they call it “Sustainable Development.” With every Climate Strike, Sustainablity regulation, Green purchase… it’s more than these four giants that benefit in Germany now. It’s their 1,500 middlestand companies too, on top of their mineral, oil and pharmaceutical giants like Bayer, BASF, ABinBev (Anheuser Busch), Sanofi and others.

That morning, the Climate Change investors where using university students to target locations where their competitors are struggling to survive, while they enjoyed freedom from all Climate regulations in their own cities. Check. Germany, the UAE, Shanghai… they aren’t regulated like America.

No one is. It’s the most anti-American agenda on the planet. Yet American students are the most active participants in it.

But students don’t know. The United Nations hides so much from them. For example, countries where German giants like BASF and Bayer make their products, like China and India, have UNESCO sanctioned sites  without restrictions, leading to rampant pollution. It’s the same in the United States. BASF has a chemical plant on the Mississippi River with a 54/100 rating – but you won’t find a Climate Strike there. In fact, it’s listed as the golden standard of “green.”

The Chemical Company, BASF is praised on GreenIdeas, despite a 54/110 rating on the Mississippi River in Arkansas

So on the morning of Friday, September 20th, I wrote a thread. You can find it here.

Of course, it lead to some digging, and when I dig, I tend to find a lot. This day… I found quite a bit. I found their corn crop research, and how they use taxpayers to fund it, and turn our kids into their own:

corn crop research
I stumbled across Bayer’s Corn Crop research while digging in the thread

During my digging, I found the motherload: the University of Lincoln-Nebraska, and its CropWatch site. It’s been doing a lot of research on corn since 1994, a very specific year, considering the UN Earth Summit in 1992.

The UNL homepage features students holding up the UN’s Sustainable Development cards.

Within hours of posting my research, UNL switch their home page to this:

New generic homepage showing interesting way kids are separated during orientation at school.

Not a good sign.

Enjoy the thread. Much was discovered.


Citizen K.

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