BASF, Rothschild, Green Sustainability Pollution, Poland, Iran and the New Global Politician (Twitter)

Here lies the now famous thread of  Saturday, August 31st, 2019, regarding ‘The Chemical Company’ BASF, the Rothschild banking empire, Germany, current Poland politics (since the thread, Poland has done a 180, see that thread here), pollution, the world’s new kind of politician and why they exist, etc.

If it doesn’t show up, click here for a direct link.

Shortly after this thread, Poland did a 180. Read it here.

In a 1960’s interview, JRR Tolkien said that when he grew up, his surroundings were no different than that of the 1500’s, the days of Shakespeare: green pastures. Then, in much the same fashion as his character Saruman, the earth was torn asunder and turned black. This turn was the reason, he stated, for his books: to preserve the green world he’d grown up in.

So – what changed? This was the topic of my thread. It turns out that the new politicians of today have much to do with it, as does the word “Green.” It’s a popular thread with a great deal of research for a reason, with Poland’s leaders, as well as Lindsey Graham and Mitt Romney.

BASF, with a matching Rothschild family crest, was responsible for WWI and the atrocities of WWII, under the name IG Farben. It still grows today, benefiting from the Climate Change agenda based in its hometown of Frankfurt, Germany.

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PS – As I finally walk my own green pastures behind my home, I now see Tolkien’s world instead of America. I see the trees he wrote about in Lord of the Rings. I see the rocks and the leaves we saw in the movies Peter Jackson tried so hard to capture. I know this is because I worked so hard to move outside of the city gates.

all new pix1: Hd Wallpaper Surreal

I am so glad I did. I did not know I’d be moving into to Tolkien’s world. I thought magic only existed in books. But, I didn’t know prophets were wizards either. We are learning a lot, as we walk together. One day I will have to grab a staff and be whole – as Tolkien intended us to be.


Citzen K

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