To the NeoCons: How the Bank Fooled You

23 Jul 2018

To the NeoCons,

History is our greatest teacher. Read the history books. Not the ones written by the bankers – the Rothchilds, JP Morgans and Rockefellers who secretely set up the Federal Reserve and then also set up our education system through non-profit education foundations for the last 100 years…

But the real history books.

The ones that didn’t shy from original sources, or blank out entire chapters of history. They focused on these original sources only. Quoted them. Cited them. Tracked them. Dedicated themselves to a honest history, no matter where it lead, instead of steering it into a certain bent.

It is not just one person who has written real history, studied it or collected it. It has been numerous names in short bursts of time. Insider elites, FBI and Treasury whistle blowers, historians, judges, writers and even today’s freedom fighters. I’ve tried to include as many as I could in my Reading List.

Yes, curators are starting to destroy those documents…. But it turns out people have been documenting it for the last 100 years. History is extremely bright shining and clear, no matter how much Google tries to hide it. The key is knowing to look for it.

Because it was never taught in schools. Let’s correct that now.


Wars make money.

People don’t know that most of JP Morgan’s fortune was actually owned by the Rothchild’s. That was only discovered upon his deathbed. They don’t know that George Soros’ very first loan came from the Rothchilds, which means they own part of him as well. Most people simply know that the Rothchilds own the Federal Reserve. Yes. They are the world bank.

But they have been the world bank long before the Federal Reserve. Starting in the early 1800’s the Rothchild’s became the bankers of the world… by lending money to countries for war.  It is a lesson they learned well.

When they bought Reuters, at its very inception, what do you think they did with it?

Use it for good? Or use it for gold?

Gold. News plus war equals gold. Oh yes, wars make money. And people say they make money for countries and companies, but history says bankers. For it is bankers who learned in WWI that only through war can your control over countries grow, as countries look to them more and more for gold.

The result? The Federal Reserve. World money control.

Right now you’re thinking that these wars the CIA is pushing you towards – Iran, then North Korea, now Russia… basically anyone to start a war, is good for business.

You thought the exact same thing with 9/11.

Don’t think I didn’t find all the contracts Rumsfeld had lined up with his contractors before 9/11 happened. We all found them. We know exactly what he did. We know exactly what you did. We know you traded world fear for 16 years of bloody war.

For contracts.

We watched the movie War Dogs. We know how much every gun costs. We know how expensive the game is. We get the billion dollar tags. It’s a wonderful, wonderful little scam you have going.

And now you have the CIA running around doing your bidding for contracts around the world. Good for you. But you’re not seeing the bigger picture. You missed it.

You missed it all.

You see, they know you, these liberal elite bankers, at the very very top. Rothchild, Rockefeller and the royal clans. They know you. They know how to pull your strings. Haven’t you noticed? That as you rage these wars? You’ve been pilfered behind your backs, with secret plans they never shared with you. They let you play war games, to tie your money to them… and slowly, but slowly, as you earn? It always, always pours back to them. Your kids are theirs. Your homes are theirs. Your senators are theirs. Your laws are theirs. They gave them to the UN.

When America is a socialist country, which it dam* near now is, because – if you do your homework – just even a little bit – read that thing. Buy it. Buy Agenda 21. It’s on Or go to the UN. Ask for a copy. The real copy. Read it and highlight it with a pen.

Then go down to your city council or your town hall and read the laws. Go out to the farm lands or the EPA and see if there’s any difference at all. Or pick up your local newspaper, columnist or recycler and see just how many columnist are writing about it all. Urging, urging, urging every day, while you’re off playing – urging the people to change their ways, into the UN’s hands. Green, green, green they chant, like they chanted Red in China. But it’s all the same. In business codes, building codes, farm codes, water codes, tax codes, all of it – they say “let the community decide” instead of voting on it.

So go to your cities. Go to your towns. See what’s left of your laws. See and compare with what the UN Dictatorships planned, with China’s communism at the helm.

Why They Want War

You know why the bankers let you play your war games? You know why they let you have fun playing with the CIA? Because at the end of the day… you’ll be GONE. Unless you’re one of the very, very few who are actually in on the scheme, and bought your wife or mistress a bunker deep underground.

We didn’t miss it. No we didn’t.

We didn’t miss how – when the Iran deal was signed – you finally let all the research companies release their T-Cell research, and Wall Street set to work on it. We didn’t miss it. No we didn’t. Because we did not miss what else the UN wants – an elimination of 95% of the world’s population. And doesn’t nuclear war just solve that problem nice and neatly.

A total population of 250-300 million people, a 95% decline from present levels, would be ideal.”
-Ted Turner (Donated over 1 billion dollars to United Nations “Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change” (IPCC))

I wonder how the UN managed to make their nuclear disarmament program actually give out uranium to countries. Did you think we’d miss that??? We didn’t.

And doesn’t that sound crazy? Well- so does a socialist USA society – yet here we are. Look at our laws. See what the UN’s Agenda 21 did to farmer’s thru EPA:

As you saw Duarte lay out, those are ridiculous restrictions on farming land. Five inches tall – FIVE INCHES TALL! is all a land bump needs to be? To be called a “wetland.” Do you understand what that means? It’s exactly as the Law Professor says. It goes way beyond what the Supreme Court ever ruled.

“The broad trend of environmental regulation during the Obama administration was to use the coercive threat or reality of regulation…

Simply to try and shut down
entire industries and entire types of economic activity.”
– Jason Scott Johnson, Professor of Law

(Why again, are you asking your Republicans to block the unmaking of these laws?)

Yes, these laws are ludicrous – evil and anti-US. Designed to wipe out what’s left of us, and make us move out in desperation. This goes beyond environment. This goes beyond saving the land. Because it doesn’t help the land, but simply makes us abandon it.


But when you understand what these laws are designed for – to eliminate farmland and turn it over to the state and federal system, just like the UN Agenda 21 plan outlines, it suddenly makes a lot of sense.

The Current EPA Plan Congress Has Refused to Roll Back

And when I say “Donald Trump” is only here for a few years. I mean it. The UN Plan moves on. Meanwhile, we’re being herded through the CIA’s controlled press (I know you think you’ve got them, but you’re wrong)- to put us here in these “megacities” by 2050 through REGULATION.

UN Population Control & Megacity Plan by 2050

Because while you’re blocking POTUS with your Republicans? These regulations keep working! And working, working, working on-not for you-but for the UN – just like the Democrats designed them to do. Bc we do it through law. China? Just SHOVED them in 2013:

And before you think this is about Green, don’t be fooled for a second. The MOMENT the poor were shoved off their lands, do you know what their government did with it???

The elites moved in.

They are building high rises on it. As we speak. What do you think they’ll do… with our farmland? When their plan is finally in place, here in the US?


When you look at those giant megacities in the US that they are building? I know Charles Murray thinks it’s “so funny” about Colorado’s “belt” they built- but look at that map, and you’d figure out? IT WAS FOR SOMETHING ELSE! The Elite’s “Capitol City” of the United States…

Colorado: The Elite’s Planned Capitol, Like the Hunger Games

I have to say – they really got you. I know in war, you learned the “power of distraction.” Well. I wonder if you didn’t learn the most important lesson of all “power is corruption.” I’m going to tell you a story I told, but it was long ago- but it’s really relevant today.

Lobbyists don’t get their way because they hand out money. They hand out favors too. They hand out power. It’s tasty. It’s like a glowing orb. And people take it. But here’s the thing no one tells you about that power.

Where Your Power Comes From

There’s an old book that was written about WWII. It was written to ensure it might not happen again. Here’s what it said about power:

A mighty leader bestowed gifts of power to leaders of different lands. One land was given three gifts to wield over their people. Another five. Another seven. And the Lords and Ladies of these lands used these gifts to care for their people, change their people, direct their people all… Kind of like you do, with the money, power, information and contracts these bankers yield to you through the CIA. But! The book says-

“They were all of them, deceived.” For the mighty master had built a ring that bound these gifts to it. The gifts served not their masters, but yielded- all – to the one ring. And when the mighty master moved, they were crushed beneath his feet.

You may believe the United States is the World Power, for it won in WWII. But that was then, and this is now. Those history books wrote us a very, very clear path. They said the same masters of this ring paid for the mobs of the Lenin wars, that made Soviet Russia fall.

We know that. We learned that, from our history. Money, not the people, created Communist Russia, just as money, not the people, now create Communist America. Learn the history. And how did Germany get the money? How do you think?

Don’t forget how Communist Russia was lost. By Reagan. And how did the CIA and the Press and Democrats handle HIM then??? Oh. The same as you handle him now. I wonder exactly why that is?

Now, we also learn from those history books, that these elites also paid for China’s fall into Communism too. All one single plan. So don’t you dare tell me the US was the hero there. No. We only won because Hitler “magically” decided to war against Russia. What if he hadn’t?

No. It was in the bankers best interest, for the US to get in the game.

And now? What comes now? Let me tell you: A world ONE BANK philosophy. All communist governments with China as the World Power. If you haven’t watched the freakin’ China’s Silk Road Documentary yet, where are you??? China has used all that WTO money for good use – to build up and become a world power – and over take us. That’s world communism. And if- IF- you crack open the books at the Federal Reserve and Wall Street banks and take a look at the US finances???

Exactly what do you think you’ll find? Where’s the money? What’s left? Not one thing is made here. We only buy. That’s ALL we do. We give money away. That’s it. The banks own our houses. Have you SEEN what Florida did with Foreclosure law? They completely raped the US of all our homes – no one is a homeowner anymore! You know what that means??? All their investment in those lands… gone. They spent it on their kids. They gave it to their colleges – the ridiculous $100K for crap education that teaches them – literally- puppeteering!?!?

And teachers that you see every day on TV that you laugh at… but you send them to college any way! For what!? And trade school? You know- the one thing kids can actually earn money doing? From being a Vet, to being a Barber, to being a Computer Tech? Oh! You didn’t know? George Soros ELIMINATED all of those from the schools! So let me say this one more time. Let me be so dang clear. They gave you a gift. They gave you a glowing beautiful orb. It’s mesmerizing and clear.

But it makes you THINK you control your troops. It makes you THINK you protect America. It makes you THINK you’re big and bad, but in the background, their burning down your fields. Because while you’re out their warring, their raping your kids in school, and your CIA and ad paid media doesn’t say crap about it.

The MS-13 gangs that sell your drugs and kids and traffic all of it, they are also raiding old folks homes, killing them and selling the stuff on Ebay. Nice job. Bravo. Meanwhile, little local stations make stories and headlines about the elderly being drugged, dragged and beaten – but what do you care??? You’ve got that orb!!! And it glows oh so pretty.

And the kids in school? So what if their new school books the UN brought in TEACH THEM HOW TO MASTURBATE AT 9&10!??! But what’s that got to do with you??? You still look good in that $5,000 suit. But ohhh-the kids attached to it… across the US being groomed:

You may think you’re powerful.

But you’re not. You’re a slave.

Because you took a gift controlled by the master – the master of them all.

And that master works with the UN now, not the USA – not at all. The Congo matters more than you. Iran much more too. When the time comes, they’ll enjoy feasting on your carcass most of all. Because you helped them, served them, big and small. Because you accepted the glowing orb as a gift and stared into it, instead of standing tall on the graves of those who died for the words: “Freedom for All.”

A Choice

I do that. I do that every day. And because I do? Is the very reason why – I will always be more powerful than you. Because I am not a slave.

Neither are any of we.

But isn’t that the glory of freedom? We have a choice. We can choose it day by day. I have friends that saw the light, more and more each day. For evil loves to lie and say “you’re free” as they tie you down.

So my challenge, if you accept it, is to join the fight again. The fight for Democracy. That means backing character. Freedom of men. Not slaves. Not that gruesome history… of 2050.

And a Communist USA.

10:47 AM – 23 Jul 2018

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