A New Type of School (and It’s Free)

1:12 PM – 29 Aug 2018

Abraham Lincoln didn’t even finish the 2nd grade.

But read the words on the Lincoln Memorial and you’ll see – he wrote at a 12th grade level. And now, his words are some of the most quoted in our nation’s history. He showed some of the greatest widom in our most trying times. How can that be?


Well. My graduate work in education can provide some illumination here. He didn’t complete a Public School education. In fact, do your research, and most of the great leaders of this world that we quote didn’t attend Public School for very long at all – even our Presidents.

Did you know that your reading level determines your writing level? That’s right. How well you read is directly connected to how well you write. And Abraham Lincoln? He was a voracious reader.

From his writing, and from his own autobiographies, we know that he outread most of his school peers by the age of 14. I did too. I read a lot. It was my escape from my harsh realities. It might have been for Lincoln as well. Or, perhaps, he was simply captivated.

Because for most voracious readers, it’s simply a world unmatched by reality – a place their mind can expand, wander and be left to truly seek its own potential. Only reading can do that – and nothing else.

But Lincoln had something else working for him, that the other world leaders and Presidents had too: his life experience. He worked jobs and lived many adventures by a young age. We tend to think we can’t offer our kids that today, but we can. Every school break, my family loaded the car and took road trips and camped. We camped everywhere.

Later in life, at the #1 Graduate School of Education, I learned that those camping trips expanded my test scores. I was always in the top 1%. Little did I know, as a young child, that the further one travels from where they were born, and the more often they do it, the more their test scores grow.

Isn’t that interesting? And my, oh my, isn’t that what Lincoln did? He worked at a young age, as did we all, traveled at a young age, as did most successful people, and read – loved to read. And he became the most positive force that still affects America today.

As one commentator today put it, “Without Lincoln, the NBA would own their players.” That scared me to death. What would Public School have done to this man? What does it do to our children today? Now that it has changed – so very much – that it doesn’t even tell his own story truthfully? The schoolbooks have taught for decades now that he belonged to one politcal party, when he belonged to another.

Oh yes. Our kids are being raised for political gains, not for the gains of their minds.

Yeah. We should learn from what the education of Lincoln, and other great leaders tells us….

The best education system is experiencing the real world and reading. Time outside and reading.

“The aggregate of all his schooling did not amount to one year” said Abraham Lincoln of himself (he read instead)

Did you know? Homeschooling your child may be much easier than you think. Most people think you have to enroll in another system, and complete all the coursework… but in most places— you don’t. In most places, you just have to prepare them for the High School Exit Exam. However you choose.

Have you seen that thing? Do you realize how easy it is?

Let’s look at some ways of educating your child that might actually prepare them for greatness, self worth and success in life, instead of medication, depression and a need for social media, as we’ve learned from the greats before us…

What if you took your child across America instead? How much more of an education would they get? Took them to the National Parks? Let them see every state? Would they be more prepared or less prepared for a successful life?

Screenshot 2018-08-30 at 12.19.59 AM

And what if, along the way, you taught them to be a great reader? Reading a real book has proven to make kids happier, sit in corners longer, grow their test scores higher and expand their imaginations much further than any kind of electronic device ever has.

Have you ever tried a huge pile of vintage kids books on your child, and watch them go? You’ll find they love it a whole lot more than YouTube videos. And catching them young is important. The longer they can concentrate on one activity (like reading, math or playing and instrument) literally determines the level of their outcome in life. Literally. There are a ton of studies.

And never mind that all the greats who didn’t finish their educations were all incredible readers. They didn’t just adventure – they read! A lot!

Let’s never mind that today’s school teacher’s are indoctrinating our young to be –

  • members of the “State”- good socialists who hate democracy,
  • love UN Agenda 21’s mandates, like population control (that’s why they laugh when you ask them about having a family)
  • to believe the majority of billionaires are Republicans (when 75% of them are Democrats, and Top 5 Billionaires are too)
  • that Climate Change is real (just read the actual abstract from the “97% of Scientists Agree” Study- THAT’S not even real)
  • they should tell their teachers how they “feel” (oh yes! assignments today are to turn in JOURNALS)-actual diary entries as assignments…,

Requiring journal entries? For a grade? That’s called brainwashing when you do that. Remember when we grew up? Even PARENTS aren’t supposed to read our journals.

And when you read the Gulag Archipelago, that tells the story of how 70 million died at the Socialist Lenin’s hands, we find that they also! took journals from people – tore them from their hands.

And yet, now our teachers are making journal entries assignments for a grade- Pass or Fail – their inner most thoughts: regulating their emotions by “grading” them. This is how they trained the Nazi youth. It’s not an accident.

Listen to the stories of the children under these teachers, as young as 6 all the way up through 12th grade, and you’ll hear stories of nightmares, anxiety attacks, crying spells and fear of going to school – the natural result of brainwashing.

What’s the grading system? What are they molding the kids into? Resistance bots. From the stories we hear – hordes for the Crowds on Demand industry. They aren’t told about political parties or voting – they are simply told they have no choice- but to join the mob, and Resist.

Screenshot 2018-08-30 at 12.26.16 AM
“Resistance” Messages Meet K-12 Students Across America
Screenshot 2018-08-30 at 12.23.26 AM
Antifa “Resistance School” Training at UC Berkely

But forget all that for a moment- forget the mandated online “Resistance School” anti-American Flag training they all must take, from Public School to University- and think for a moment about if they had an education like the rest of us- a somewhat normal one – somewhere in between…

How many teachers hurt us? How many memories still haunt us today? What if we had been out there, living & earning wealth & knowledge instead? What if we’d been like Lincoln, and read amazing books for knowledge, instead of filling out assignments for someone else at their own pace?

What if you raised your own children, on your own value system? And showed them a world where they could earn and make their own living? What if you gave them a book, called “Owning a Business for Dummies”? At 14- Do you think they could handle it? Heck yes- they’re more than ready. They’re dying to get out there, to show us what they’ve got. They’re dying to be seen, and earn their stinkin’ butts off.

images (6)

They want to be able to afford whatever Vintage collar they find. They want to be able to sell their skills that they’ve discovered with you on all those travels. I find that all the skills I use today I learned in Brownies, Girl Scouts or Boy Scouts too- because I’d sneak on over and steal their books at the library sometimes – wouldn’t you?

Why do they teach us everything in school, but nothing about money?
I know that answer to that!

Why do all the math problems involve apples, but not checkbook signs? Why don’t percentage questions ever come in the form of a Credit Card statement problem… if that’s what school is preparing us for? That’s a very good question. They give us the math- but not what it’s for. Here’s why:

Did you know the school system setup- from the books, curriculum, etc- was founded from the early 1900’s— by two banking families?

Banking families.

So they taught us Home Ec, but not how to balance a check book. Go ahead, try and offer that course at your local school. Many have before. You’ll get thrown out. It always happen. It’s never allowed. How is that, I wonder?

It’s by design.

Get your kids, go on a trip, or give them an assignment. Every day, assign them life skills that you know that they’ll need- things you use every single day, from talking, to helping, to fixing things. Take them to meet people, teach them to shake hands, get them off of line. Do it young and you’ll find college is SUCH a waste of time.

Name me the successful people who are the pillars of this world, and I’ll tell you all their educations:

Nothing, except reading.
They read a ton.

You don’t need to go to school to fall in love with that. In fact, I’d say school interrupts that world. Because there’s nothing better than a long, beautiful day, lazying around, reading a book – captured – far and away. Get your kids on that? And you’re done. You’re totally done.


Kids who read are successful in life. It’s proven. It’s quality. You’re set. The bankers who set up our school system today also set up The Fed. And we know how that worked out.

So yes. This School Teacher is bucking the system. And I’m saying:

School is Out.

By @bookofkatherine
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