How the CIA Developed the Internet to Replace Democracy with Communism

17 Jul 2018

Are employees making demands? Groups, parents, students? Are they demanding you change your store policies? Demand you change the way you do things? Demanding you fire someone?

It seems like every day the media has another news story with another student group or another set of employees demanding that those above them “change something” according to their demands.

These stories don’t feel good when we read them. There’s a reason for that. Let me fill you in as to why:

It’s not Democracy.

Pick up one of those “free flyers” or “free newspapers” in any grocery store across the United States – in fact – pick up any newspaper period, and you will find stories about “Local Community” decisions being made.

It may sound unrelated, but read a little closer, between the jargon, and you’ll realize that these “Community Meetings” are making decisions about “Public Spaces.” That’s right.


Right there in your little town. Public policy by group, not by vote – about your public parks, venues, laws – all of it.

And if you don’t know it already – this pattern is linked to the stories you hear in the media every day, about student groups making demands on the administration. Why? Because this is exactly how the Red Army took down China.

The Cultural Revolution in China, which lead to 40 million deaths and full Socialist rule since the 1950’s, all began with Student Groups making demands in the universities. Read The Naked Capitalist, and you will see that this continued pattern is no accident.

And these Community Meetings in your local paper aren’t either. They are paid ads by the Communist Party, to be placed in your “free paper.” It’s all part of a world wide socialism movement from the UN called “Agenda 21.”

So what can you do? In your business? In your school.

Well. We are still a Democracy.

Be like President Calvin Coolidge, who was famous for simply saying, “Thanks, but No Thanks.” Listen. Hear them out. But no matter how loud they get, simply keep saying, “No.” They literally cannot make you change. The storm will pass. It may get hot, but in this country, they still cannot jail you… for simply saying the word: “No.”

Remember how far these demands can go…

It’s America.

People have a choice. They can go elsewhere. We forget that, through all the screaming, yelling and anger. Just say the following:

“I hear you. I hear that you’re really unhappy here. If you have to go, we’ll miss you. We’d love for you to stay.”

Don’t change.

The amount of public laws that 100’s of millions built and loved that have been broken and moved bc tiny ANGRY voices couldn’t be tolerated- Well- that’s how you get POTUS. Millions push back. But it doesn’t save us.

What does?

Realizing how many battles have already been won, if you have the “skill set” to protect what’s already there: being ok with anger.

The Root Cause: Confirmation Bias

Do you remember the term “Confirmation Bias”? Confirmation Bias is a natural little tendency within us to ‘seek out’ information that confirms that which we WANT to be true, rather than what IS true…


In this article, Encyclopedia Britannica highlights the true nature, and danger of Confirmation Bias: it seeks to affirm “one’s belief’s.” One’s beliefs! Beliefs are a very powerful thing indeed. They are the basis of one’s ACTIONS. Why is this big?…


Because the CIA is exceedingly aware of it.…

“Cognitive biases are similar to optical illusions,”

Dangerous indeed.

But the nefarious side of Confirmation Bias?

“The error remains compelling even when one is fully aware of its nature.”

Meaning? Even if you know you have a bias, the “illusion” remains present, despite a knowledge that it is false. How dangerous. How dangerous indeed. No wonder the CIA trains their agents to be on the lookout against them.

Of course it then warns, “Cognitive biases, therefore, are, exceedingly difficult to overcome.”

cia-confirmation-bias-hard to overcome

And yet…

And yet, despite knowing the dangers of Confirmation Bias, how come the CIA designed the public’s internet to not only follow our Confirmation Biases, but develop and enforce them?

Perhaps it is because of the “human genome project” called MDDS started in the early 90’s. Otherwise known as: THE INTELLIGENCE COMMUNITY INITIATIVE IN MASSIVE DIGITAL DATA SYSTEMS. Contracts executed agencies “such NSA and CIA.” Signed Department of Defense, etc. 1993. Clinton.


And the MDDS Funded universities, mining for a search engine. And they got it, with Page and Brin at Stanford. Congrats.
Summary: “Unmasking YouTube: GOOGLE, CIA and CERN” Link


I’ve outlined the dates before.

1992: UN Agenda 21 signed by HW Bush.
1993: Clinton ratifies UN21 by EO.
1993: Data mining software program started at several universities.
1994: Core tech of Google born at Stanford.
1995: Web released for full public use.
1998: Google released to public, backed by CIA funds.
1999: In-Q-Tel formed, CIA’s investment branch formed

1993. Don’t think the UN’s Agenda 21 had nothing to do with this too. Personal computing? Used against us from the start? Has any technology past microwaves been for human progress?

There’s so much more I could share in this history here, but I want to focus on Confirmation Bias today. Just remember: eventually MDDS & the Highlands Forum & the Private funding… they all came out of the shadows in 1999 to make In-Q-Tel, the CIA’s investment funding branch.

Because by then, the internet was well on its way, and they could control what you found out about it. They were free to come out into the public. Now, we are so used to it, we don’t blink at all they own in Silicon Valley:


Do your research, and you’ll learn how much control the CIA (In-Q-Tel) has over what these companies create and touch. And that’s my point here….

They created the tools upon HOW our internet searches work. From funding Google, who was put on the cover of time and made, by journalists, the “word” to replace “search” and Juniper too: that’s our core routers. In short- they developed all of it.


What’s the result? Of the Intelligence Community’s hard work?

Confirmation Bias.
For all of us.

In the extreme. It “exacerbates our bias towards confirming our pre-existing beliefs instead of challenging them.” Link


Catch what is said here. WE don’t just have Confirmation Bias – but the INTERNET does. It’s “implicit” in its design. What’s the result? Well, besides the fact that it builds extremely dangerous ideologies, the algorithms are “more likely to perpetuate ignorance than knowledge.”


Doesn’t sound that bad on the surface, does it? Maybe not. Until you really dig into the results.

Remember this? This is the 2008 Market Crash. I learned all about it by reading The Big Short, not by watching the movie. And those Wall Street guys? Even in the highest of the high boardrooms weren’t hearing what they were being told… Too used to Confirmation Bias…


And BOOM. That’s where it is. Confirmation Bias. If information was done right? “THE 2008 FINANCIAL CRISIS WOULD NOT HAVE BEEN POSSIBLE.” That’s it, alright.


Now, remember what we already talked about at the start. The CIA’s own article on Confirmation Bias is aimed at teaching agents to work AGAINST our natural human nature tendency towards it – due to its danger…

But as you can see by the Guardian article, it was not human nature to make the decisions we did in the 2008 Crash. Had these algorithms not existed on the internet, had it not been built to single-handedly send us down this direction – we wouldn’t have gone there.

It is important to understand the difference between what is our nature, and what has been “pulled out” of our nature. Or really, to be more exact – “put on steroids” in our nature.

For that is exactly what has done, with its development of the internet. It has brought out the worst in our nature. Do you have a tendency to gamble? Everything will point you towards anything that will make you want to gamble. Do you see?

The worst result, perhaps, is the FALSE SENSE OF POWER Confirmation Bias gives a person when they are raised, cultivated or invest great deals of time on the internet. And that’s the point of all my research presented here for you today…


When we, as individuals, are fed millions of pages of information, profiles, movies and data that fits our every preference whim, desire, belief system… there is absolutely NOTHING combating those views. The end result? We feel like Masters of the Universe.


What’s the end result? Entitlement? Vanity? Rage? Indignation? Yes. All.

It’s a powerful belief that there is absolutely no reason in the world (because you’ve never seen it, heard it, or come up against it), that life off the internet would not fall into place the way it does online.

I repeat.

The end result is a culture of humans that believes:

Life offline will, must & shall,
fall into place the way its does online.

If it doesn’t, it feels like “hate.” Not just a personal attack, but an attack against all reason and sense as well.

There is simply no way to cave into these Confirmation Biases to the point where they will feel comfortable. Just the fact that they were made to feel uncomfortable in the first place – not an automatic personalization like the internet – will be seen as an affront.

To cave in, at the slightest, is a dangerous game. It’s denying reality. And it never ever makes either party happy.

But now you understand.

This, my friends, is exactly how a list of demands to University can sound so crazy, outlandish and so outrageous to you… But absolutely ,perfectly reasonable to them. They fully believe their demands will be met. And why not?

For while the CIA was developing this technology, the UN’s Agenda 21 was rolling out worldwide as well. And what does it call for? What has it been telling YOU, who do NOT live online to do? “Listen to the community.” “Take feedback.” “Listen to input.” “Community wellness”…

Just as the internet was launched in the mid-90’s, so to was the CIA’s takeover of our Press Core, Clergy & Peace Corp. I know it’s a long document, but when you ask how 7 buildings could fall on 9/11 and not 2, but no one report it, it explains how:   Link

When the CIA Loosened Its Rules on Using the Press Core, Clergy & Peace Core as Agents

(It can take a long time to load. Be patient.)

Watch #1 Shows from before this time: Magnum PI, Good Times, Golden Girls, Family Ties… and you won’t see decisions made by committee. You won’t see fools taken seriously. You will see them HANDLED. “Oh Rose…”

There is a clear set of boundaries – and understanding of what’s good and of what’s bad. And there’s always a leader. Even in Designing Women. But only if you look for it. Everyone was happy…

After this time? What did we get for programming?

The Sopranos. A Sociopath Family.

And acting like a leader? Caused anxiety.

Joey normalized pornography in Friends and Monica and Chandler made taping sex a healthy part of monogamy – despite eons of research saying ALL of it destroys a human’s ability to relate intimately with another human. Even at my liberal university, we learn the science behind pornography. Designed to make humans reenact orders of acts – geez. Unbelievable science. But they made it mainstream.

And when someone broke the law, or wronged you, hurt you, shouted at you, was a vicious cyclone in your lives, the repeated Hollywood phrase,

“Awww. They’re just a teddy bear inside.”

My point is this. Confirmation Bias came and on the one side, brought out our worst demons, monsters and ideologies. And then, programming said to the rest of you on your TV’s “When they act out, they are still a cute cuddly bear.”

Layer on top of all of that, all the rhetoric of Agenda 21 of “community input.” that is nothing but pure socialism. They’ll never say it, but read the book. It’s simply replacing the laws we live in. What does that mean?


But. There is an end.

The rules are already made. They are written. Your work culture is already your work culture. Your city is already your city. When they come with a list of huge angry demands, simply say,

“Thanks, but no thank you. We’ll be sorry to lose you.”

Listen to me. Just because someone, or a group of people, has enjoyed the DRUG of Power that is Confirmation Bias doesn’t mean they are stronger than you. It just means they’ve taken a drug. That’s it.

Remember the 2008 Crash. Reality hit.

If an employee comes to you with a list of demands, you can be solid in your no. You can sit, listen, smile, then thank them for their time. They are zero threat to you. All they have – ALL THEY HAVE – is an OPINION. And they are free to have it.

But they are also free to leave. These students? They could leave . I bet Cornell forgot that. I bet Cornell freaked and thought they had to compromise or move… But they didn’t have to do one single darn thing, except maybe say “Thank you, but no thank you.”


I don’t know if you noticed, but Apple did that during one of the Democrat freak outs this year. They wanted everyone to drop NRA programming. Apple just said “No thank you.” That was it. All the other companies could have done that. But they didn’t.

Maybe you think smaller companies could not have done that. Really? You think if they had yelled and screamed at Enterprise alone for not caving, Enterprise Rentals would have gone up, or down?

Here. Let me give you a check. Go ahead. Check you Portfolios. Remember this video? Check the date. (And when you ask me why you haven’t heard anything, I’ll ask you, “Did you hear about Hillary’s Grand Jury?”)


Just always remember:

Confirmation Bias is designed to divide, not inform.

It’s why piles money into competing ideologies. And lest you think its only you, it happens to all of us.

These ladies truly believe. They are truly embued with Power:

But as I’ve mentioned before, KNOWLEDGE is Power. Had these ladies had true knowledge, they could’ve gotten what they wanted, had they handled it with civility.

But what about more knowlege? Had they known Black Lives Matter was funded by George Soros? A white Billionaire? Perhaps they would have chosen differently.

And what if they’d known Soros had paid for the Brennan Center Study that created the myth that 25% of Blacks had no ID’s to vote? The study turned out to be fraudulent – with real studies finding… guess what:

“fewer than one-half of 1 percent of registered voters lacked a government issued ID.” while another found
“of the 36,000 voters found, only 23 people in the entire sample – less than 1/10 of 1 percent of reported voters – were unable to vote because of an ID requirement.”


But because of the Soros backed foundation’s forged results, we have horrible videos like this…

A Choice: The Winning Hand

So when the waves of demands come to your door, realize you already have the winning hand. You know what they DON’T know. Confirmation Bias has poisoned their view.

A drug more powerful than even ideology, is believing you’re right, in the face of reality.

So calmly, calmly, take a step back, and remember the one extremely obvious point of view:

We live in America. Which means there’s always a choice…

…to walk out the door.
For them, and for you.

That’s what makes us different from the whole world over. We can choose our schools and our work cultures. We can become who and what we want to be. We can spend time where we want to be.

The CIA’s internet with the UN’s new ways may have made us forget it, but we don’t have to change to fit each person’s Confirmation Biases. Why? Because that, my friends:


It’s your job to protect the world inside your home, your store, your company, warehouse, town, state, park – and rules and guidelines should never be replaced unless a certain numbers of signatures are gathered, then validated and then a vote is taken. If you’re open to it. Remember that.

Do not, do not, do not, continue to let rage and anger sweep you away.

Confirmation Bias doesn’t create giant teddy bears. It creates monsters who wash the laws, rules and communities we love, piece by piece, away. Everyday.

Fight the CIA.

1:11 PM – 17 Jul 2018

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