What Really Happened Nov 8th 2018

What Would Another Surprise Cost?

When Donald J. Trump was elected into office on Nov 8th 2016, it truly shocked, and cost, Globalists, Wall Street investors, the mainstream media, pollsters and campaign managers. Billions of dollars had flowed through long-standing industries in order to cinch big payoffs. They expected booms in bank accounts (George Soros famously lost a billion in Wall Street bets that day), major business contracts and a whole slew of promised connections through promised wins. Those wins would control the purse strings to trillions of taxpayer dollars.

There was another hidden cost. It was near deadly to the trillion dollar “Election Network,” the fleet of industries investors have traditionally relied on to ensure their candidate’s or Proposition’s success. They include everyone from campaign managers, consultants, Crowds on Demand (the paid crowds that come with a promised TV connection, run by a Democrat who won CA Governor Jerry Brown’s race with these on-demand actors), right on up to the News Media.

The American people know nothing about the Election Network, which is exactly why they’ve been able to guarantee a candidate’s success for nearly 25 years now.

But make no mistake: investors and donors have continuously relied on these Election Networks to deliver. They do not lose.

But on Nov 8th 2016, those donations, and the Wall Street bets based on those predictions, tanked. And more importantly, they tanked to a name that didn’t spend a dime on those networks. At all. It threatened their very existence. It exposed the truth: money just might not be needed… to win an election.

It might just take something else. Something that doesn’t cost anything.

Billions lost. Trillions in investments. On November 8th 2016, a Global Empire of money and investments were asking:

Are the Election Networks over?

Soros Loses Billion After Trump Win
Globalists Lost Their Wall Street Bets

It’s one thing to lose billions in investments. It’s another to lose faith in the industry that guarantees you’ll secure trillions in investments, for years to come.

But when the Globalists turned their gaze to the Elections Networks in anger, their gaze fell hardest on one section: the News Media.

The News Media’s number one job is to convince Americans that, no matter what their politics, they get unbiased facts from them. “We may have different politics, but we’d never lie about where to get the best hair dye.”

And Americans believe them because of Election Night. Election Night is when, no matter Blue or Red, all the stations report the outcomes fairly. Right? So the Globalists have their trust, and their unmitigated buying power, for the rest of the year.

But what happens when the the Media gets all the polls wrong? When they don’t get any of the stats right? What happens when the outcome reveals that their politics are actually affecting data? “What does that say about the other data they are giving us? Is that data tainted too?”

Elections are the key.

But on Nov 8th 2016, the whole sales model wobbled.

That could not happen again.

This is the story of what the News Media was willing to do, to keep America’s buying power, I mean, trust

…on Nov 8th 2018.


The Secret Sauce

In order to understand what happened two years later, you need to understand what happened one month after Donald Trump was elected, far far away, on another November night: November 27th 2016.

Reeling from an election they didn’t understand, the heads of global media outlets, worried about their jobs, needing a solution, gathered at their global conference, the News Xchange in Copenhagen, and titled the event: “Are We Out of Touch?”

Determined not to lose again, they hired their arch nemesis as their Keynote Speaker to answer that question for them. And boy, did he ever.

Nigel Farage was the head of Britain’s UKIP Party, which was responsible for leading the Brexit vote to victory. They hated Brexit. They were Globalists, pure #UN21 to the core. Brexit was a nation-state movement. It was a hard pill to swallow asking him to speak, especially less than a month after Trump’s victory. But they had a feeling he just might spill the beans on the secret sauce to this “populist movement” in his elation.

And they were right. That’s exactly what he did.

What did he say the Secret Sauce to this amazing “nation-state” movement was?


“If it weren’t for YouTube, the UKIP Party wouldn’t even exist! So thank you!” said Nigel Farage. Oh. My. God. They listened. And they listened good…

Four weeks later: The Conservative Sweeps began.


The Conservative Sweeps

People think they know what the Conservative Sweeps are. They don’t.

From a technical standpoint, Conservative Sweeps are basically censorship campaigns across all online platforms. They attacked any and all forms of “unwanted thought patterns” from appearing online. That included WordPress, Reddit Boards, YouTube Channels, Twitter accounts, Google search results and more.

In 2017 they began with demonitization, Shadowbanning and downranking. By 2018 they were simply deleting pages, accounts and Channels before they were even launched.

The tactical definition: the Conservative Sweeps were designed to prevent a new populist political party from forming in the United States.

You see, in America, congressmen are always re-elected. They are never replaced. Once a congressmen gets in? They are in for life. They are the most corrupt, and most valuable players on the planet…

And Nigel Farage – in one speech – told them it might all be gone, on Nov 6th 2018.

Coming into Nigel Farage’s speech, the Media and Globalists may have been worried about a Republican win in both the House and the Senate, that they couldn’t call in the exact numbers they were looking for.

But instead, Nigel presented them with a much larger, and darker picture. If you’ve watched my How They Fooled Us Video, or even my Rand Paul video, you’ll know that the Establishment GOP is nearly as communist as the Democratic Party.

The idea of a whole new party of independent candidates flooding the Primaries was a nightmare scenario worse than they had imagined. Not only could they not predict the numbers… But they might- might! Not own the candidates.

They had not expected that.

And so they prepared. Hard. You can tell just how high the stakes were, by the utter devastation they caused.

The Online Companies rolled out the Sweeps. And the Media refused to report the Primaries. That is… until Clean the GOP began.


Clean the GOP

The Conservative Sweeps worked- almost. Candidates across the country complained to the GOP Chairwoman that their media campaigns were shut down before they could begin: Click Here.

The GOP itself sued, and in some terrible cases, cruely tricked candidates off the primary ballots. But it didn’t work. There were too many. And in the end, most incumbants found themselves face to face with contenders for the first time in a long time during their GOP Primaries.

The media tried to keep it a secret. They focused on the Midterms during their coverage all 2018. My videos reflect it. “Save the Vote!” I said, in April of that year. And I talked about the Midterms in November instead.

But then I saw Nigel Farage’s video in May of 2018. And the gig was up.

I began #CleantheGOP.
With 39 states left in the Primaries to go.

I jumped online, read off all 50 states Primary Election dates, and said “Hey- you probably better look at what your incumbent is doing, and compare them with who is running.”

And it was all over. 4 to 1 incumbents overturned.

I didn’t say to vote for Trump candidates. I said to vote for Freedom of Speech, because that was under threat. And a lot of different political beliefs fall under that… except for communism. We can all fight that as one.

Did the media report any of these wins? NO.

But thankfully, since that April video, I had been pushing voters who cared about a trustworthy vote, considering what we learned from the Project Veritas 2016 Election Videos, to man the polls and be on the lookout.

So you were there. You saw the counts. You saw the candidates. You knew the results in each district. But the media didn’t say anything.

That should have prepared us for what happened on Nov 8th 2018.


Nov 6th 2018

If you haven’t seen my video recap of the Midterms yet, you should. I coin the term Freedom Fighters, which went mainstream at the Restoration Weekend. Good.

In the meantime, here is the thread I wrote on Twitter that caused some shock waves. Enjoy. (Reads from bottom to top.)








Get in a car. Hop on a plane. Travel to DC. Travel to your State Capitol. See for yourself in person. Trust what you can see, touch and talk to. Never trust the Matrix.


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How the CIA Developed the Internet to Replace Democracy with Communism

17 Jul 2018

Are employees making demands? Groups, parents, students? Are they demanding you change your store policies? Demand you change the way you do things? Demanding you fire someone?

It seems like every day the media has another news story with another student group or another set of employees demanding that those above them “change something” according to their demands.

These stories don’t feel good when we read them. There’s a reason for that. Let me fill you in as to why:

It’s not Democracy.

Pick up one of those “free flyers” or “free newspapers” in any grocery store across the United States – in fact – pick up any newspaper period, and you will find stories about “Local Community” decisions being made.

It may sound unrelated, but read a little closer, between the jargon, and you’ll realize that these “Community Meetings” are making decisions about “Public Spaces.” That’s right.


Right there in your little town. Public policy by group, not by vote – about your public parks, venues, laws – all of it.

And if you don’t know it already – this pattern is linked to the stories you hear in the media every day, about student groups making demands on the administration. Why? Because this is exactly how the Red Army took down China.

The Cultural Revolution in China, which lead to 40 million deaths and full Socialist rule since the 1950’s, all began with Student Groups making demands in the universities. Read The Naked Capitalist, and you will see that this continued pattern is no accident.

And these Community Meetings in your local paper aren’t either. They are paid ads by the Communist Party, to be placed in your “free paper.” It’s all part of a world wide socialism movement from the UN called “Agenda 21.”

So what can you do? In your business? In your school.

Well. We are still a Democracy.

Be like President Calvin Coolidge, who was famous for simply saying, “Thanks, but No Thanks.” Listen. Hear them out. But no matter how loud they get, simply keep saying, “No.” They literally cannot make you change. The storm will pass. It may get hot, but in this country, they still cannot jail you… for simply saying the word: “No.”

Remember how far these demands can go…

It’s America.

People have a choice. They can go elsewhere. We forget that, through all the screaming, yelling and anger. Just say the following:

“I hear you. I hear that you’re really unhappy here. If you have to go, we’ll miss you. We’d love for you to stay.”

Don’t change.

The amount of public laws that 100’s of millions built and loved that have been broken and moved bc tiny ANGRY voices couldn’t be tolerated- Well- that’s how you get POTUS. Millions push back. But it doesn’t save us.

What does?

Realizing how many battles have already been won, if you have the “skill set” to protect what’s already there: being ok with anger.

The Root Cause: Confirmation Bias

Do you remember the term “Confirmation Bias”? Confirmation Bias is a natural little tendency within us to ‘seek out’ information that confirms that which we WANT to be true, rather than what IS true…


In this article, Encyclopedia Britannica highlights the true nature, and danger of Confirmation Bias: it seeks to affirm “one’s belief’s.” One’s beliefs! Beliefs are a very powerful thing indeed. They are the basis of one’s ACTIONS. Why is this big?…


Because the CIA is exceedingly aware of it. Continue reading “How the CIA Developed the Internet to Replace Democracy with Communism”

Facebook’s Ties to the CIA

Twitter @bookofkatherine
6:04 PM – 10 Jul 2018

When I posted the Political & Financial Backers of Facebook article earlier today, I wonder if you made it to the end? Have you read Facebook’s Privacy Policy? Is this As-Advertised? Especially considering the following…


(Do you remember when Facebook started the Facial Recognition tags on all of our faces, before we requested or marked them? We’d upload a photo, and everyone’s face was immediately ID’d. Scared me to death. Do they do that now? If they use that in conjunction with the CIA’s database of CCTV cameras? Which, let’s face it, they have been – that’s not “like Big Brother.” That IS Big Brother.

But there’s more…BOOM. And there you have it folks. Dots connected. “By using Facebook, you are consenting to have your personal data transferred to and processed in the United States…” That’s everything guys. Facebook isn’t private. It’s Government. Literally – l i t e r a l l y Big Brother.


No wonder why Silicon Valley’s views align perfectly with the Deep State. They are it.

Good day, turned not good. I’m disturbed. Because I now know that – yes, I may have left Facebook behind in my life, but it doesn’t matter. I got on. And that was my greatest mistake.

Please, please don’t set up Facebook profiles to people you don’t know or children who are too young to discern the power of that decision. It’s not right. The cost too great.

Worse yet – how many people tried to warn us of this? And Google censored them offline? Funded by In-Q-Tel, remember?

Author’s Extra

In previous research, we have discussed the CIA’s use of CCTV cameras. You’ve most likely seen it in action – albeit in movie form – as close to reality as we’ll ever get on this side of the curtain.

What movie?

That would be Jason Bourne. You remember – the riots in Europe scene? They used CCTV cameras & facial recognition to chase them down.

Jason Bourne
How different was this sequence in “Jason Bourne” using cameras?

In practical terms – in the world around you – you can see signs of this in the streets through photos of ANTIFA online. Simply search “antifa berkeley” and a thousand masked men and women come up.

If you are looking hard enough, at the right time, you might catch the videos of these highly trained street militia in action, before Democrat donor Google conveniently deletes them from view (this Berkeley Police Officer testimony will give you an idea – but the videos Google deletes include ice picks, razors, and brutal deaths across the world).

Study these long enough, or if you have a trained eye, you’ll realize just how well trained they are. Their violence is always dealt in stealth, away from the cameras, and everyone – absolutely everyone, has exactly the same parts of their faces covered.

This is not by accident.

Though they commit terrorist acts, conveniently, they have adopted all the correct measures to prevent identification, evidence, tracking and anything close to a prosecutable case.

It’s as if Robert Mueller himself designed the team uniforms, so that he could turn before the law and say,

“Even with our Facebook surveillance network, it’s an impossible task, sir.”

6:22 PM – 10 Jul 2018

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