The Chinese Maze: Chapter 7

This is an excerpt from the novel, Book of Katherine and the Chinese Maze.

<–Chapter 6

If you watch the YouTube channel China Uncensored, you will know just how powerful China is, and how evil. The news doesn’t report it, because they are China’s allies. By all government accounts, the Cold War with Russia was nothing compared to the Cold War we are in with China.

As a small example, China recently obtained the final piece to their nuclear warheads about eight months ago. And what did they do? Start a countdown. About fifty warheads, aimed at America, and they began a countdown.

Luckily, I felt it, caught it, and snapped my fingers within minutes of detonation. They are still wondering where the missing pieces went. I’m sure a lot of Chinese Communist Party (most often known at the CCP for short) members died as a result of this, uhm, failure— or at the very least, were sent to one of their many re-education centers or concentration camps, but I don’t care.

I don’t care about a lot of things you might care about. This is war.

I promptly told the President of the United States, and he was surprised to hear what they did. You may think the trade war came out of nowhere. It didn’t.

China has spies at every level of western society. Don’t ask me. Watch the last year of FBI briefs. Even they call China the number one threat in the entire world. And that’s saying something, considering who is out there. But China has a stronger military than ours, and they are using it to build – literally build – islands past their boundaries. Then they put military bases on those islands and shut down trade in neighboring countries.

I could go on and on about China but let me just give you the short version: they have one ruling party, and it’s evil, evil to its very core. Fifty percent of their nation lives in extreme poverty, and the globalists of the world, citing Sustainable Development, ordered two hundred and fifty million of them to be driven from their lands and into the cities- by force. Now these urban migrants, as the CCP’s propaganda department has named them, they live worse than they did before, in slums and under the worst pollution of any land on the planet. Their water sources are nearly gone.

That’s the one percent for you. I don’t buy Made in China anymore. For Pete’s sake, the CCP simple re-designates entire metropolitan cities. With less than an hour’s notice, they’ll clean out an entire city with clubs, guns and arrests. This is how they re-designated entire cities. Recently a metropolis of their replaced its people with energy plants and bitcoin machines.

With an entire city full of nothing but Bitcoin machines, the CCP has taken control of Bitcoin’s markets (don’t invest) by simply betting against the market, and then shutting down half of Bitcoin-city’s power for a day. Boom. A massive drop in the Bitcoin market happens out of nowhere… unless you’re a member of the right CCP organizations. Then you expected it.

Like I said, don’t invest.

The CCP re-designated another city for Christmas decorations. If you have a string of lights or lawn-Santa, chances are they were made in this one city deep within China. Nothing else is made there.

China’s Olympians are simply children who were tested at state-run preschools, then removed from their families for non-stop training until they serve the Chinese state with honor and glory. Once they are removed from their families, that’s it. No contact. And once an athlete injured or no longer able to compete, China’s athletes are discarded without state support or welfare.

Many live on the streets, unable to work any kind of job. Westerners can garner sponsorships out of their hard work. But not the Chinese. They work for the state for free. China’s trainers work children and teens through their injuries, so once they are discarded, their bodies are too worn out to do much of anything, never mind live without pain.


Don’t get me started on China.

I’m just saying –  it’s no surprise that my main team is on a mission in China.

What is a surprise, is the type of mission it’s turning out to be.

Whereas most missions have been at least somewhat similar to one another, China is turning out to be completely different monster all together. My personal team has taken on the Lych. They’ve battled the giant white squid-demon deep under Israel. And they traveled down tunnels painted like rainbows to kill the demon underneath Google. That one was a giant snowflake. We’re still kind of speechless about that discovery.

But all three – The Lych, the Squid, the Snowflake and many, many more – they all presented us with the usual challenges: immense spiritual warfare, long tunnels underground, repetitive demon nests along the way and then, finally, a giant demon of some sort that’s hella hard to kill. But China is different.

So, so different.

China relies, as it turns out, on artifacts.

Like good communists, they don’t believe in nature. They believe in humans. Nature, according to the Bible, cries out the Lord’s name. Marxists hate it. They believe man is God. China only allows five religions in China by law (Judaism is not one of them. With the rampant anti-Semitism in India, Africa and the Middle East… man. I’m not surprised ninety-eight percent of all Jews live in America or Israel)- and those five religions all have to sign waivers that there is no God, and that the Chinese communist system is God. Churches and temples even have to hang a picture of the CCP’s current head-of-state on their walls where they worship. Usually they are required to hand these portraits in the front of the worship center – and it must be above whatever God they worship.)

That’s some atheism.

Cross-burnings are big in China.

So it’s been interesting to go after the heart of China’s evil.

Every nation or people has a heart. And if the nation perpetrates great evil, genocides, slavery, etc. there’s always a heart of evil. And in that heart, lies a giant demon.

Only, in China, it’s not a demon. It’s a circle of powerful artifacts.

And it’s my belief that China’s lost control of them. No one’s been down there in a long, long time.


But there are some things this den that goes deep, deep under the earth in darkness has in common with the others we’ve tackled. (We only found one demon in the sky. They don’t like the light.) For example, there have similar deterrents. Like most, one deterrent is that the tunnel goes on forever. On and on and on and on. It’s never-ending.

Some missions take months, just traveling the path downward.

And yes, there were demons. China’s demons came in the form of ninjas. Ninja upon ninja lined the tunnels. They even used kids as spies at the beginning, but Stiller caught sight of one. I luckily happened across that fact just in time (I’m still teaching the celebs to tell me when they see stuff. They are like most kids today – they don’t think anything is sinister). But once we knew, Stephan took care of it.

Quite frankly, I was shocked Stephan didn’t catch sight of the boy to begin with. I was disappointed in both parties, Stephan & Wolf vs. everyone else.

But anyway, the team is nearly to the end now. I can tell. I just know.

It has something to do with the nature of the deterrents on this mission so far, and how they have changed along the way.

First, there was a long tunnel, with many ninjas. In the beginning, their eyes were normal, but the deeper they went, their eyes turned black. That means demons. It may have begun as demon possession and then turned into pure demon – I don’t know, but I have a feeling towards the end of that section of tunnel, that the ninjas there were always demons.

There also came giant raging oxen that filled the entire tunnel and knocked everyone down, but I took care of that rather quickly.

“Why don’t you just shrink?” I said. For heaven’s sake, they have shrinking rings. Why the heck weren’t they using them?

Once I had the idea, we somehow or another decided to shrink one of the actual oxen themselves too, who turned out to be quite nice a nice ox. They have a name for him – I can’t remember it, but I call him Oxy. We took a break once, and Oxy ended up on one of our farms (I can move them in and out of places – I told you – I’m rather powerful. It was my birthright. I just didn’t know anything about it until pretty late in the game.)

Anyhow, now they ride Oxy through the tunnels, and I try to make sure they use the time to train, instead of turning lazy, especially right before the big end-battle.

But I thought shrinking was a pretty obvious solution, wouldn’t you? They shrink every night to go to sleep, for heaven’s sake. Why not to save their own skins?

This is an example of when I think something is obvious, that no one else does. Later on, past the ninjas, and past the multitude of doors with traps as well, that I told them to just travel under (another obvious thing to me), they reached a great gape.

It turns out that great vast gape went as far and wide as the earth – which meant China knows how to manipulate space and time. Claire loves that stuff when we run into it. “Interesting…” is her catch phrase response. You’ll never hear her say, “awful….” Or “horrific…” Oh no! Just, “interesting…” and then she studies/learns from it.

You see, we can do the same thing with time and space. But we don’t. We help humanity, not harm it. And manipulating nature is not my cup of tea.

But when we had to cross that gap, I knew the solution had to be super-sonic fast. It was a long distance. Experiments knocked the quills, fur, whatever off of whatever living thing we tried it on. Of course, the animals had fun (hens are big bleach-sniffing freaks) but doing that for a long time made no sense for our team. The celebs love their beauty, and there was no way I could touch a hair on their heads and have them be of any use to us, whatsoever.

Nooooooooooo sir.

So I was like, “Build a vessel.”


“Build a vessel! Build a football shaped vessel and put everyone inside. Make the vessel fly.” Again. Obvious. To me.

These are the moments I realize I was made for this. I didn’t ask for it. I was built for it.

Claire was a genius actress. But she was built to be a brilliant engineer. I was a genius dancer. But I was built to lead The Order.

<–Chapter Six

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