January 30th 2020

It’s 7:25 am, and by all accounts, you would think I’m sitting in the middle of an all-American household scene. It’s a cold winter’s morning, and I’m tucked in my bathrobe at a large desk, facing a large laptop with the fire crackling behind me. The room is completely dark, my face lit by the glow of the laptop, and behind me, you can hear the soft slurps of cats, digging into their early morning dishes.

It’s actually rather peaceful. The sun is only just rising over the hill behind my home, and the land emits a dark blue haze through the closed blinds, due to the snowy grounds that sweep the entire valley.

It’s so quiet, all I hear is the hum and whir of my laptop, the clicks of my keys on the keyboard when I type, and every once in a while, taps and pops of my wood fire stove, gently expanding, or cooling, as the winds change across the chimney. I never ceases to amaze me, how it all works together, and how much I missed out on, in the electronic blares of air conditioning in California.

We prefer it here. But we could be biased. We didn’t have The Order in California, either. I mean, it’s not like my health has improved here. Oh no. It definitely went the other direction, and fast, when we arrived here…

But by now, most of my friends assume that’s because I finally felt safe. I stopped fighting my environment. I still can’t decide if that’s a good or a bad thing?

Either way, we’ll find out more soon. And so, I type, zoom, and right-click away, filing my research into folders, the cats’ licking reaching a sort of fever pitch.

There is another sound, though, that I left off the list.

Jordan B. Peterson.

When the pain is bad, which is like, always – I use all sorts of techniques to distract myself. And today, Peterson just happens to be it. Sometimes it’s Dr. Phil. Sometimes it’s appellate court arguments. Sometimes it’s live feeds. Lately it’s been Marvin Gaye’s music.

Today, it’s Jordan Peterson.

And he’s telling a classroom full of students an outrageous lie: Harry Potter is a myth. But I suspect you know that. Deep down, movies and stories that are huge, do so because they are connecting with you… deep, deep down.

You see a giant snake jump 30 feet high, and oddly, inside, you know: that’s just how you’d react. You see a girl scream, dive in a toilet, and the school kids say – well – something very mean. Very very mean… but realistic!

You really think writers of fiction aim for realism? Or do they aim to entertain? What fiction writer thinks a boy being rude to a girl in a toilet is entertaining? I mean – seriously.

Think about it. If you sat down and tried writing a story, you’d never write something as mean as Harry Potter. No. You’d never dare. We’re all too nice around here, raised on a steady diet of one single empire on the loudspeaker saying “correctness!!! politeness!!!” for more than a hundred years.

And so… when a Harry Potter comes a long, you know reality when you see it. And you’re drawn in like a moth to a flame. You hope you’d act like that one day. You hope that world exists out there, somehow, someway.

And it does. (Well, it did. Harry Potter happened a while ago. I’m working to bring some of the magic schools back. They disappeared, not long after the dragons left… Or did they? I’m looking into it now.)

Anyhow. Back to Harry. Here’s the thing with reality:

The Death-eaters come right along with the Potter story. Do you really want it all to be true?

After all, when I finally asked Gustaf if the story was true, you do remember what he said, right?

“Oh! Oh…. Oh. That was such a tragic story…” and his head dropped, and I lost him for a while.

But Jordan Peterson said something else: he said, “We seem to have a hard time believing in God – believing in a omnipresent being of good…. But we have NO problem believing in evil, yeah?” And the kids kind of giggle. Every time.

You see, I think you already know evil exists. You watch Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings and the 1975 Star Wars to see evil lose for once. “Just this once!” you think, “I wanna see the bad guy get it!” (The fact that Hollywood doesn’t print that story very often, when the world very clearly goes on, despite evil, meaning good wins all the time behind the scenes, which shows you who is in charge of Hollywood. Not good. Yuck.)


Gustaf called Harry Potter a tragedy though. It was a book that inspired me to fight, yet here he was, depressed over the story. And I think, if you thought long and hard on it, maybe you’d agree… but only if you thought it was real. From a fiction perspective, you’d never say so! You’d say it’s amazing tale of good conquering evil and kids challenging the world!

But in truth, Harry Potter had a horcrux put on him as a young child. He was hunted. He was tortured for being good and his parents were rejected by schoolmates. He was hated for his DNA. He was forced to grow up young… and though he always did the right thing, he certainly showed all the signs of an abused child.

I can’t quite describe to you, what it was like, when I realized that both Harry Potter and myself, had prophecies told about us. I think that was the day that really broke my brain. I had compartmentalized our equal tragedies until then… right down to having my own dark mark, scarring my body.

People think the pain is accident induced. But it is so much, much more than that. But how do you tell the world, “I am the one written about 2,000 years ago, to kill the son of Satan. So, they hunted and tracked me until they found my birth mother and cast an anchor into my body, attaching to their most powerful daughter. And you know how evil burns a prophet’s skin and all…”

They put a whole hell of a lot more on me, much of which hasn’t even been revealed yet.

Yeah. Tragedy. Peterson says we all live a tragedy filled life. Potter did. I am. But he said, “make it meaningful.” Potter did. I am.

Will you?

I can relate to that. There seems to be a pattern, with kids that are foretold about. Ever notice who he married? A girl who faced the devil too. That’s not a coincidence, you know.

It was fate.

But there is good news. It’s never a tragedy to the one going through it. The human spirit is indomitable. We are a mirror of our creator. We rise up to the meet the challenge.

Once we decide we don’t want to be a victim, anymore… once we start seeking the truth… we find it.


In college, a roommate of mine said, at the end of the year, “I started the year as an atheist. I’m not an atheist anymore. He totally exists. I can see that now.”

How? I’d never tried to tell her about Him at all. I was kind of shocked, actually. Then I remembered that I did a prayer journal every night. And then, I’d enter things when He’d answer. Sometimes I’d get really excited. I didn’t think that had an impact. I just thought it was so normal. I was raised in a church. I can’t imagine thinking He doesn’t exist. It didn’t strike me to keep my mouth shut.

But that made me wonder, Oh! Well then… If you’re convinced he exists, why wouldn’t you trust Him? So I asked her that very question. It’s the only time I came close to “sharing the gospel” with anyone in college.

She just replied, “I don’t want to give up control.”


Today she’s got a frozen yogurt store and two homes in Silicon Valley. I have a roster of 115 celebrities and counting, a home that overlooks 75 miles, and I know that our universe is the just the center of the jelly donut. The “heavenly hosts” the prophets speak of are actually millions of other worlds surrounding this one.

If you think our solar system has incredible orbits, you’d be stunned by the complex system of worlds orbiting this one.

Earth, and its world- its billions of stars, planets and incredible milky ways and gaseaous clouds bursting forth new stars… we are at the center. Because we are special. Man is special. We were created in the image of the Creator.

My roommate doesn’t know that.

I do.

Because I gave up control. And now live, literally, on the Freedom Trail… like Moses, a prophet before me, who lived next to his own Freedom Trail, marked by the same God.

I’d say I have the better end of the stick.

You only serve one master in this world. The Creator or the created. Only the Creator takes the secrets inside you and bursts them wide open. You watch Dr. Phil and think your mother and father’s love will solve all your problems.

I watch it and laugh. They’re merely human. I have the love of Jehovah, the creator of a million worlds blowing a holy galaxy of fire in my chest every day. I don’t need to walk. I don’t need to be out of pain. He’s right. He never gives us more than we can handle…

But if you start following Him, he shows you how to become the Boyz… who were nearly beaten by a beaver on a hill six months ago, and just killed the worst vampire in Germany, who fueled Hitler’s demons, two weeks ago.

Frankfurt never saw them coming.

It’s just like Lord of the Rings. He comes… like a thief, in the night.

Just like He said he would, time and time again, in the Bible we’re reading… the NASB. Try it sometime. Maybe, if you seek truth, you’ll find miracles at your feet.

*July 2021 update: Uncle Gustaf has released a translation from The Order. It’s called The Message. Other translations like the King James Bible were edited to fit the purpose of, well, kings. The Order serves the Father directly. As such, The Message translation is almost a third longer when it comes to the gospels, and even the Psalms and Isaiah, etc. It’s rather shocking to see how much has been cut out. But I’m glad we have it. Plus, we’ve found the lost calendar in the Dead Sea Scrolls, as well as the earliest prophets in the Book of Enoch. Enjoy!