November 10th 2020

Today I’ve posted a link to the now-viral thread on the Zodiac’s lunar calendar and its roots in the ancient Hebrew text called the Book of Enoch. My thread began, “Ah… 12 fallen angels named on every one of our phones, celebrating their bloody religious rites that killed thousand, if not millions, of innocent poor people for their master’s happiness “at temple” in Greece, Rome, Persia, Egypt, Japan, etc. after the flood. Wanna see?” Click here or below to read the rest! (link )

A favorite Book of Katherine thread:
The intricate Lunar Calendar of the Zodiac appears be from the Book of Enoch.

If you loved this thread as much as everybody else, or found some of the research within it helpful, then just use the link in this blog post and it will take you back to the thread every time.

Photos from the thread:

Zeus raped Europa as the Bull Taurus. You may recognize his horns elsewhere in mythology and wicca. The curve is popular today.

Most museums protect the 12 gods under Zeus well. But Zeus himself is in Greece and Rome.

An Egyptian mural depicts the class system in the Pagan era. The people on the left mined the gold, but the people on the right wore it on their heads… and so they felt taller and superior.

The Seven Wonders of the Ancient World (They Speak Volumes)


Book of Katherine

November 10th 2020

PS. I’m 100% reader supported, and I have super huge appointment this week with the big FND clinic. I can’t do it without you guys. Just $1 a month. ( ) Thank you!!!

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