Japan Trade Deal Reveals German Alliance | Thread

Japan’s trade deal with America at the G7 revealed its deeper ties with Germany, that go all the way back to 1992. I uncover an orchestrated explosion in Japanese language, culture and studies that have occurred in America since the Rio Earth Summit, in conjunction with Germany’s industries. My debut research thread, from Sept 10th, can be found here.

thread-japan-germany-alignedIt’s turning out to be a hot thread.

WSJ Article that started the dig.

Shortly after Japan’s corn deal, China, another close Sustainable Development partner, also began purchasing record billions corn from farmers, not long after our Corn Watch research came out, and our Tobacco research.

In that wake, American farmers began looking at other, more profitable crops to grow, other than corn. Corn’s DNA is owned by Bayer, a German company, so farmers don’t make much off of the profits.

With Japan and China swooping in just in time, it looks like Germany will win out, again. Hopefully, American farmers won’t take the bait. They’ll move on to more profitable crops, and keep the fruit of their labor, so-to-speak.

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