In 2001, Bipartisan Termination of Human Rights Leads to Slave Labor Camps, Wage Gap (Thread)

Bill S.2277 killed American manufacturing and enslaved China’s citizens in one blow.

My thread on Inventec’s attempt to delay tariff’s on their goods for Apple, HP and Dell ended up uncovering a rather huge secret: not only did our politicians not expect China to treat their citizens better, and develop into a “more democratic society,” as so many books and pundits have promised since, but they planned for the citizens of China to delve deeper into a greater ditch of Human Rights violations.

We don’t know who voted ‘Yes’ on the bill just yet, but in the year 2000 both Mitch McConnell and Dianne Feinstein cosponsored Bill S.2277 to  remove the Human Rights clause in our 1974 Trade Agreement with China.

That’s right – remove it. They used Sustainable Development’s fancy name for it too in their Rio Climate Change agreement, back in 1992: “Non-discrimination.” Lisa Murkowski’s father and numerous other congressmen and women cosponsored the bill (Bill S.2277 2000 – Human Right Termination, Feinstein, McConnell, Murkowski, Lieberman), which lead to the prison labor camp system that #MadeinChina and Sustainable Development relies on today to sustain their wealth.

Not only that, but I discovered that Mitch McConnell was a Democrat in the 70’s, who fought for abortion rights and unions, until Reagan became popular, and he switched sides, to survive Southern politics. Enjoy the thread, and as always, please share:


Congressional Sponsors of Bill S.2277 2000

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