The universe was created 14 billion years ago. In Paradise lay the Tree of Life and the Tree of Death. Adam and Eve ate from the Tree of Life for millions of years. And then Satan entered the Snake and lied to Eve.

Eve, being more agreeable, ran to the tree and ate from it, the Tree of Death. And when she saw all, she gave it to the animals and Adam… and they saw Death for the first time.

Then the angels gathered, for they loved Adam and Eve. But they had eaten from the Forbidden Fruit. They had obeyed a new authority, the Liar, our Adversary – Satan. And so they gathered to watch the Almighty God destroy the only beings in the universe that were made in His image.

But Adam begged God for forgiveness. He cried and pleaded so vehemently that the Lord turned to the angels and said, “See now. See how a day is to me. It like a thousand years. And a thousand years is like a day to me.” And God turned to Adam and made a covenant with him: 7 ‘days’ would the Father wait to destroy mankind. “At five days,” said the Father, “the Word that created you will again save you in five of those days.” And 5,000 years later, the Word did come.

Adam pleads with God, who makes a 7000-year covenant of grace with mankind.

Adam and Eve lost their access to the Tree of Life. And so began the 7000-year march towards the end of all time. The Father sent prophets along the way:

  • Enoch, who recorded the fallen angels’ war on heaven and mankind. He warned of the coming Flood.
  • Noah saved mankind and mentored Abraham.
  • Moses, arguably the first wizard, performed ten plagues/miracles, freed the slaves of Egypt and created a nation set apart to worship the one true God.
  • Isaiah, Daniel, Ezekiel, Jeremiah & Baruch warned this nation of its coming doom and destruction for worshipping Satan, his fallen angels and the creeping, crawling blasphemies they’d created.
  • Baruch recorded the First Temple’s holy-of-holies destruction, as the angels of God buried them in the Earth, never to be opened until the End of Days (Dead Sea Scrolls).
  • Haggai, Zechariah, and Malachi helped rebuild God’s kingdom and Jerusalem after 70 years in Babylonian captivity. Only those who had kept God’s calendar and festivals were permitted to return.
  • These prophets and others told of all the signs that would accompany the Word’s arrival on Earth (Jesus).
  • Peter, John, Jude warning of the coming persecution (Diocletian Persecution), the ‘worst year to be alive’ and prophesy of the coming Millennium of Christ (840 AD – 1840 AD).
  • Saints like Patrick of Ireland, Catherine of Alexandria, etc. begin assembling the 7000-year timeline, which angers many leaders and traders.
  • Prophets like Merlin assist God’s mighty men in destroying the False Prophet and Beast in the first crusades. Thrones are set up and the Word’s Book of Revelations comes to its end.

In 1840 Satan was released again, after a 1000 years of being chained. Immediately wars burst out in all four corners of the world, and the saints became the target of destruction. In less than a hundred years Germany launches the first and second world wars.

“Satan will be let loose from his cell, and will launch again his old work of deceiving the nations, searching out victims in every nook and cranny of earth, even Gog and Magog (Russia)!” Jesus warns of the Russian concentration camps (gulags).

Adam’s 7000-year covenant with God ended on May 6th 2022, the 7000th anniversary of the Fall. We do not know the day, but we are living upon His grace alone. The final battle with the angels has begun. And in light of that, I believed it was time to release our timeline – and to give thanks for the grace which enabled our own existence and ability to walk with God ourselves.

Important events during the 7000-year Covenant of Grace with Adam and his descendants.

7000 YEAR ADAM COVENANT (Completed May 6, 2022)

  • 14 BILLION YEARS – CREATION – in sets of seven, the Father created the world. All ate from the Tree of Life as they avoided the Tree of Death.
  • 7000 YRS AGO – THE FALL: Seven thousand years ago on the 17th day of the 2nd month, Eve ate the forbidden fruit from the Tree of Death. God makes a covenant of grace with Adam for another week of his own days (7000 years). In 2022, the 7000th anniversary of that day fell on May 6th, ending the covenant.
  • 6000 YEARS AGO – THE FLOOD: The Flood Judgement during the Days of Noah (holocene event). God makes a rainbow promise: He’ll never destroy man again until the End of Days (after the 7000 year covenant is complete.)
  • 3500 YEARS AGO – THE EXODUS: Through the prophet Moses God enables an exodus from Egypt’s cruel slavery practices. Pharaoh Thutmose II is the most powerful and wealthy Pharaoh in all of history, but his reign is the shortest known at only 14 years. He dies young. His court is buried with lesions, a remnant of the 10 Plagues.
  • 2000 YEARS AGO – FIRST APOCALYPSE: The first apocalypse described in the Book of Revelations begins with Rome’s destruction of Jerusalem in 70 AD, then continues on through Pompeii in 79 AD, the Great Persecution of 303 AD and on through 536 AD ‘the worst year to be alive.’
  • 1200 YEARS AGO – SATAN CHAINED: King Arthur, the prophet Merlin and God’s mighty men begin the crusades of Revelations 19. Satan ‘The Deceiver’ is chained for 1000 years (the Millenium of Christ). Thrones are set up.
  • 180 YRS AGO – SATAN RELEASED: The dragon Satan is released. Furious at the progress during the Millennium of Christ, he launches into the ‘same tricks’ as before with more force.


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