The Chinese Maze: Chapter 3

The following is part of a free preview to the novel, Book of Katherine and the Chinese Maze.

<–Chapter 2

When my husband wakes, up, I will talk to the one who made everything you see, and ask Him what He needs me to do today.

I will talk to my team. They are in China. Deep, deep in China.

That place still has concentration camps, can you believe that? Hitler made money with his camps through the giant global chemical corporation I.G. Farben (changed names to Bayer, etc., after the World War 2 tribunals outed them). They tested their gas in the gas chambers and used the other camps as work camps for their rubber factories, etc.

China? China makes money off of their camps through organ harvesting. They used to kill their victims (you’ve probably seen some of them too – every see that Body Worlds show? Ever notice all of the bodies were Chinese?) but then they learned they could make more by hooking them up to IV drips, and taking one organ out at time, as rich globalists travel and get their lives extended, no matter how much they drink, smoke, whatever. Great racket.

You may scream human rights, but dude – the UN just added China to the Human Rights Council. Guess where all your Amnesty International donations go? To the UN. To China. Have fun with Human Rights in today’s world. No one’s fighting for them. No one.

If they do, the media takes them down. The CIA, which is really based in London, serving the crown, absorbed the media, clergy and even the Peace Corps in 1996. And you know the British throne’s track record on human rights, right? No one fights for human rights today. Not really.

But I fight for them. China’s going down. And so is the UN. I’ve read The Tainted Source, The Devil’s Chemists, and I’ve seen the 17 government agencies that run your town and public school, using ICLEI and social justice warriors. If you think you have a vote? Think again. Your kids are coming.

And they’ll vote in the UN justice system… which, oh right! is run by ruthless dictatorships that don’t have ‘freedom’ or ‘democracy’ mentioned in any of their agencies. Welcome to George Orwell’s 1984. You’re living it. Believe you me.

But I’m not. I’ve got Claire. I’ve got the secret cities. And – oh yeah – I can make things blow-up with my fingers, and send people into space.

I know there are more registered wicca covens in America now than there are Lutherans (maybe allowing female pastors wasn’t their best option – just sayin’- from a PR standpoint. Hey – I’m in charge of God’s army on Earth and I’m a woman, so don’t shoot the messenger. I’m just saying… maybe it wasn’t what their people wanted. According to the numbers.)

But now a wicca coven is in every town. Covens are everywhere. Just go on Amazon, for Pete’s sake, if you don’t believe me. I mean, we were raised on the Smurf’s, Little House on the Prairie, Gummy Bears, Fresh Prince, Different Strokes, The Golden Girls and Magnum PI. Crime shows fought criminals.

Today’s kids? Raised on The Sopranos, Breaking Bad, Sabrina the Teenage Witch, Charmed, True Blood, etc. Even romance novels have changed. Once stories of how a king or prince wooed a woman who was poor or an outsider, not for her body, but because she was strong… Are all now replaced with stories of vampires, werewolves, Wall Street executives, etc. are the love interests. And they dominate the women. Toy with them.

Nice stuff.

Of course, women today seek out only other women for comfort. And power. And the occult is nothing if not a ‘use magic for seeking power over others’ church. Now they cast spells on rich men so that they leave their wives, or even kill their wives, in order for the witches to ‘get their man.’ Or get their money and lifestyle.

Heck. Kids are even knocking off their parents to get their early inheritances. They live a luxurious lifestyle. Are given everything they ever wanted, and then boom, they hit 18. They have no clue how to earn that lifestyle. But undetectable poison? A shot of oxygen? The million ways CSI and a gillion other Hollywood shows teach us to get away with the perfect crime? Combined with a police force across the country that chooses the easiest path to convictions over work, and well…

This is our society now.

But there is an answer to that power. In Star Wars there was a Dark Force, yes, but there was also the Light. I work for the Light.


So my husband lays sleeping. And I wait. I wait, to go to work.

Chapter Four–>

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