Astronauts Mined Moon for Millions

August 26th 2019

This Sunday, I spent the majority of my day on a rather lengthy thread about the Moon Base that President Trump announced on the anniversary for the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 mission, when we first walked on the moon. It was not an easy day of research and writing, but I think you’ll find, once you read the thread, the reason for the effort: three US heroes, and NASA, it appears (as Space Force was launched under the US Air Force, not NASA), stole from us.

Then they paraded around as heroes, and hid their millions. One now ranks at $84 million. I think you’ll find the look on his face at the end of this thread rather satisfying. I believe it’s the most justice we will ever get. But it’s pretty sweet, in the end.

After all… it did happen in the Oval Office. I do think that was rather fitting. They could have saved themselves in this “Trump Lay Up,” but their greed got to them instead.

I think Trump had an inkling that might happen. He might not have been sure. But he let them choose… and this is what happened. All because of a Moon Base. I hope you enjoy the thread.


It’s July 2021, nearly two years since I wrote this thread. And it seems all my research has been confirmed by the media. In fact, it seems the Trump Administration was the first to make the mining public, with three new NASA contracts to mine the moon already announced :

Of course, that’s opened up other governments to become more transparent with their mining operations. Everyone from the UK to China are publishing articles about their mining missions this year. Just look up ‘space mining 2021’ on Google, and you’ll discover that projects started years ago are launching now – to mine everything in space.

The journalists may not say it’s been happening for decades, to the tune of billions in profits, but Trump kind of made it impossible to keep anything under the rug anymore. When he pushed the NASA projects into the public light, and began forcing the mining of the moon to become a publicly acknowledged thing (through a ton of press conferences from the White House), the cat was out of the bag.

So enjoy learning about space mining in all these 2021 articles. Just remember. Every project you read about is based on plans started ages ago. When we move on to asteroids after 50 years, it makes me wonder what we’ve finished drilling.

I’m just glad it’s in the public eye. Enjoy.

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