“Team Trump” Campaign Stabs President in the Back

Brad Parscale (convenient look for the left’s narrative)

Brad Parscale is Donald Trump’s campaign manager. He uses a sophisticated data tracking system designed by Silicon Valley billionaire Peter Thiel who opened Sustainable Development companies Ebay and Paypal, that hollowed out America.

Perhaps that explains what happened last night, on September 12th.

I signed up for the President’s “Support Donald Trump” text messaging service, in the hopes of gathering data. Oh… I did.

First, they asked for my zip code, in order to sign up for the service. I wasn’t happy about it. I know marketing. They don’t need my zip code. No other service asks for anything else from you. You just sign up! But Brad Parscale and Peter Thiel, who goes to Bilderberg meetings, where they discuss Sustainable Development topics… Oh yes – they want your zip code. Why? Voter counts.

dem debate
Two events, one night: “Team Trump” advertised opposite side

Now they know who is voting for Trump in which city, in which state, before any election. That’s how the Democrats know they are going to lose the election. Just because they asked for our zip codes. I hate that. (I’m really tempted to unsubscribe and give them a zip code in a different state. I swear, if they only inform you of a rally if it’s in your state, then this whole thing is a waste of time, and I’m unsubscribing.)

Anyhow. It gets better. A few hours later, I get my first alert!!!

Team Trump: Before the 10 SOCIALISTS take the stage tonight Pres. Trump want to know where you stand. Take our 2020 Trump V.S. Dems poll by 8PM: (link)


I’m sorry. But… “Did I just read that right?” I thought, in my head. “No….. No no no no no no no no nooooo…..” My very first Team Trump alert was for the Democrats.

I couldn’t believe it.

Worse than that, they asked me, a “Trump supporter,” where I stood? Uh… that means they are doing poling for the Democrats? Are you freaking kidding me!? Peter Thiel is good. Really, really, really good. You know why?

President Donald J. Trump was in Baltimore that very same night, giving a progress report on all he’d done through legislation to the House GOP.

Team Trump wasn’t alerted about that… at all. We got an alert, and a poll, demanding we respond by 8pm. Wow.

Go on to “Team Trump’s” Twitter feeds – from Brad Parscale to Tim Murtaugh, and all you’ll find, everywhere, is Democrats, Democrats, Democrats… everywhere. There’s not one word about President Trump, what he’s said, what he’s done or where he’s even going that day at all.

Talk about the Swamp. I hope he isn’t paying them that much.

But if I were you, I’d unsubcribe and start signing up for the Golden State Times  and White House YouTube channels, so you can actually hear what your vote has done…

And vote the right guy in the next time, who wants to do the same things, not just sound the same way. It’s vitally important.

Peter Thiel knows that. He’s invested heavily in it.

Love you.

Citizen K

PS. The Golden State Times also has a news channel. You’ll notice it sounds just like the Liberal media. It’s just as fake. Plus, they shove donations on you quite hard, and say that they are censored, when they are clearly not. Please don’t fall for UN tactics like this, that use Trump’s name and fandom to yank your money out of your pocket. Just enjoy the feed. They make plenty from Germany. Trust me.

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