For Freedom, We Must Change (New Tactics)

The time has come.

For freedom, we must change. In order to win, this must happen.

Now that we know who we are fighting, now that we have seen its tendrils, its mechanism, its plan and its history – now that we know what it wants from us and for us, it is time.

We must go offline. Not silent. No- we may continue as we were, online, with daily activities – but not with our freedom challenge. No. We must, in order to beat the Spider that is Sustainable Development, we must take our fight offline. We must, we absolutely must, be like them.

In one of the articles where Germany boasts of beating the globe in manufacturing, there is a chess board. This is very much a game of chess. And the more we make our moves online, the more they follow us and track our own web.

Meanwhile, whatever we do together offline, they cannot follow. They cannot follow our mail, when we send out a bulk city mailing remind citizens of what freedom means:

  • Right to Assemble
  • Right to Freedom of Expression (hair color, makeup, etc.)
  • Right to Religion
  • Right to Vote
  • Presumed Innocent at Trial
  • Right to Own Land

And more… these freedoms are more present in America than any other country in the world. But every country has their own fight to win. And the fight is on the street.

We must fight with t-shirts. We must fight with bumper stickers. We must fight with lawn signs. We must fight with facts on the ground with signs on the side of the road that thousands of people can see and will want to research, like:

  • Climate Change has a government! Check it out! UNFCCC!
  • Next Climate Change government at #COP25!
  • Climate Change benefits German manufacturing.
  • Wage Gap began when billionaires backed Climate regulations.
  • Adopt UN Climate regulations! Get a tent city near you.
  • UN Climate Goal #1: $425 a year salary for all.

And the biggest one of all:

  • 99% of Socialist countries have capitalism. We have the Bill of Rights. They don’t. #LaborCamps

There’s so much we can do, but online it’s all there for them to see. They hide themselves from us online, and do their dealings, in secret at Climate Change conventions. We must start telling our communities about these #COP conventions, and that they benefit industries that employ slavery.

We don’t have to do it with words – we can do it with signage.

And by all means, go for graphic design, and start selling this artwork, signage, mugs, t-shirts, hats, shoes, etc. on an Etsy store or website around you.

This is how they get their message sold. In newspapers. Open up any newspaper in the world, and every page will have them there: Green.

We need to start using the method that’s winning: theirs.

And good news! Newspaper advertising is cheap : )

Be well.


Citizen K

PS- I worked for a utilities company once. It turns out that you can make a simple post card, talk to your local post office about what the rates are, and then print up the right amount, and they’ll mail it out for you at a discounted rate. Sometimes, they’ll even print it up for you.

Mail is one of the most powerful tools in this fight. One business locally started up just by dropping off flyers in a small neighborhood that was dying for the service. Remember: “The human heart longs to be free.” You can start with that quote if you want. But if you don’t worry about the name “Trump,” and focus on the idea of freedom and rights more, then you have a much better chance at actually fighting Sustainable Development.

The public wants education. They want freedom. They don’t like slavery. They hate it. We all do. Not one of us has finally learned about President Trump’s actual work in the Oval Office (like the first Religious Freedom Summit, or Moon Base) and thought, “crap! I hate him!” Every time, we’ve thought, “Why the heck weren’t we told!?”

The same goes for Sustainable Development. People want to know that German Manufacturing is the beneficiary of it. It would make a whole lot more sense to them. Just drop the facts: Harvard Review, Zew research, Euranet – I don’t mind if you use my research. That’s what it’s there for.

And please feel free to use my Twitter feed. In Nov-Dec-Jan of 2018-2019 I posted quite a bit on Sustainable Development and Climate Change, as well as a long video on it on my channel, called “Why the UN Says NO BORDERS.” It’s about the UN Migration Compact, but it covers Climate Change pretty darn well too (not as well as recently, but! I cannot film.)

Anyhow. Enjoy your bulk mail rates, and learning about zip codes and starting small to growing big and beginning campaigns that inform your public.

Please think about what you’d like to receive in the mail too. Please don’t yell at anyone. Let them keep their own point of view. Just remind them of things that have been censored, like “America is the only country with Freedom of Speech.” People aren’t informed of their rights anymore. They don’t know they have any.

The more we bolster a person right to be an individual, the more we all become more free.