Just when you thought it couldn’t get any better, the movie producers at Unexpected Productions lives up to their name and does something “unexpected!” A new movie is already here!!!

Book of Katherine and the Merchant City is the seventh chapter in a long line of number one hit movies over the last year. The sixth chapter, Book of Katherine and the Chinese Maze, was released earlier this month, just a few weeks after Mormon Star, which premiered at the Las Vegas Venetian Resort and Casino over Valentine’s Day 2023.

And now the producers are releasing Merchant City worldwide on March 25, holding a unique red carpet premiere party at the New Cairo resort and development HYDEOUT. The Hyde Out has a special Open Air Theater, carnival games, an artificial lake and a very quick drive to the Nile River, with the new Iconic Tower, a 50-story obelisk in development, towering off in the distance.

The red carpet will start at 9pm local time as always. That’s 9pm EGY (Egyptian Time) and 3pm EST (New York Time). And, as always, the premiere party and red carpet will stream live on the official movie website:

As for seeing the movie, many theaters will be holding a midnight showing in the early morning hours of Saturday, March 25. Asia movie theaters may not be able to get the movie out that quickly, opting for a later movie time on Saturday, or possibly midnight Sunday morning, March 26. It depends on your theater.

I haven’t heard about the movie streaming options yet. I’ll try and find out soon. But for now – we have a new movie to celebrate! From what I understand, the film is a summary of the two years that followed the events during Chinese Maze. Indeed, I began writing new adventures in early 2021, and much of the adventures I wrote about – including the Merchant City (a world on the very outer edge of The Sphere) – will finally appear in film! Yay!

Anyhow. Congratulations to the team at Unexpected Productions. I think this is a record-breaking movie. And by the way – thank you to all the celebrities who have agreed to appear in these recent films. You didn’t have to join the world I wrote you into, but you chose to do so. And we’re all blessed for it.

Book of Katherine
Prophet’s Journal

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