As you may or may not know, I am just the girl who lives in the Katherine Movie universe. I still live in my house on a hill with my incredible husband, three cats, crazy friends all over the planet and of course, a terrible case of FND (functional neurological disorder).

As such, you can find the official movie and book websites at these links. I’ve licensed the universe I write about every day to Unexpected Productions and they’re the best source for up-to-date movie information. We talk every once and a while, but I’m up to my eyes in solar wind data while they’re up to their eyes in lighting rigs and tight timelines.

So when these movies come out, I’m just as much of a fan as you are. I don’t know how they do it!!!! And yet – here we are!!! Six movies in after launching just nine months ago. It’s a miracle. I don’t know how the amazing actors, production crew, writers and musicians do it. It must be Jesus.

Book of Katherine and the Chinese Maze launched on Friday, March 10, 2023 at the National Theater of Japan. It takes place five years after the fifth movie installment featuring internationally known actor and dancer Benji Schwimmer. The movie features Taylor Swift in the original soundtrack along with a whole host of movie stars and new characters.

Book of Katherine and the Chinese Maze was launched in Japan after the 9pm World Premiere Party and Red Carpet on March 10, 2023. Though many wanted to host the world premiere of the first Book of Katherine film, Enchanted Necklace, Japan was not only first to ask, but worked very, very hard to welcome not only the movie cast, crew and staff, but they also paved the way for the ticket holders – of which there were MANY 😉

On Saturday, March 11th, premiere parties unfolded all over the world and those who had read the book that started it all were joined in line and online with those who didn’t realize there was a book that started it all.

Now the movie is available to everyone in both theaters and online streaming platforms. And I am still in my house on a hill, surrounded by large blankets of snow, with my trusty cats next to me. They have been attending the red carpets for some time now.

And I can tell. (You guys spoil them, y’know. What can I say? I do too! lol!)


This film picks up five years after Benji’s adventure in Book of Katherine and the Mormon Star (which is about is not about Mormonism – Benji Schwimmer won the hit dance competition SYTYCD when he was still a Mormon). The Order has not only grown, but they’re on one of their most dangerous and difficult adventures into the caverns of a mysterious Tibetan monastery.

Official website:
Official Twitter: @KatherineMovie
Official Instagram: @KatherineMovie

Note: Taylor Swift performs her new original song for the movie, AMAZING, and with a purchase of the movie you’ll receive a free download of the song at the official website.

Want to read the Chinese Maze book?
Official book website:

Want to know what’s happening in the Prophet’s Journal universe right now? That’s where I can help you the most! I began live-tweeting these characters lives in 2021, which is a large part of why the films came to be. If you’d like to know what her journal look like today:

Prophet’s Journal Twitter: @ProphetsJournal

See you there!
Book of Katherine

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